Some Post-Apocalyptic Paper Doll Fashions for the Sprites

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Today’s Printable Paper Doll Inspirations: Mad Max: Fury Road and Post-Apocalyptic Fashions from my Pinterest Board

A set of post-apocalyptic fashions for paper doll inspired by all things end of the world. Designed to fit the Sprites paper doll series from

A set of summer paper doll clothing for boy and girl paper dolls in color or black and white from Jeans, t-shirt, shorts and a tank top are all included.

Some of you may recall that I posted a pair of post apocalyptic Sprites a few weeks ago- Willow and Shirou. Around the same time I drew them, which was around the same time I rewatched Mad Max: Fury Road, I ended up drawing this set of clothing as well. I decided to wait a little while to post it, because really, how much post-apocalyptic fashion is too much?

There may not be a good answer to that question, I confess.

While I do enjoy the post apocalyptic stuff, I find the color schemes are often intensely limited. Things tend to be army green, camo colors and khaki. For this set, I really wanted to embrace the colors of the desert, so I chose a light teal, purple-brown and a oxblood red. The teal reminded me of succulents and the purple-brown of rocks.

Along wit Mad Max: Fury Road, which inspired a round of sketching for post-apocalyptic paper doll attire, I also used my own Post-Apocalyptic pinterest board for inspiration.

While I have doubts about the practicality of most of this clothing, I think we all can agree that practicality is never the hallmark of  my paper doll creations.

As always, let me know what  you think in a comment and have a great day!

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