The Artist


People sometimes say they want to know something about me, so I guess I should tell them something. My name is Rachel Cohen. I was born in Alaska. It was there that I hatched the plan for creating a paper doll blog. Alaska has a lot of cold dark winters. This is the result. I’ve been drawing paper dolls since I was a child, though the last art class I had was in high school. Currently, I live in Alabama and work as a librarian and archivist with Special Collections (that’s a fancy librarian way of saying rare books, archives and physical objects) at a small liberal arts college. Basically, my job is to organize, preserve and provide access to old stuff which, if you ask me, is the best job in the world.

Other than paper dolls, I like historical costume, theater, poetry, sewing, dolls, baking, history and dictionaries. I’m extremely interested in all forms of ephemeral printing, especially that of paper toys and novelties, the history of the book, pop