Nordic Winter Wishes: The February Printable Paper Doll

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For those of you who have been following along in my newsletter, you’ll likely notice there’s a few extra pieces on this set (specifcally the winter coat and one pair of the shoes). I went back and forth about what to do with that coat. I’m not 100% sure it will layer over all the sweaters and I didn’t feel right giving just one of the dolls a coat (what if the other dolls get cold?). So, I thought- I’ll just keep it as a fun extra for folks when they get the whole set.

Another little detail I didn’t talk about in the newsletters was the coffee cups. I don’t know why I thought it was a fun idea to draw a mug for every paper doll with a different motif, but I did and so I drew one. To give a secret look at my process- I actually did all this layout and design work before I split it up for the newsletters. I’m very happy with how it turned out.

A few differences in these dolls and my usual stuff- I gave the dolls permanent shoes. I go back and forth on this a lot. I used to be strictly anti-attached shoes. But then I spoke with my 5 year old niece and she was deeply bothered by my paper dolls that didn’t have shoes.

So, I realized that shoes were more important than I had often thought. If you’re an attached shoes fan, you can thank her for showing me the error of my ways (though I still think I’m a bit ambivalent on the subject.) And I tend to think it depends on the paper doll- like mermaids SHOULD not have attached shoes.

That’s just silly.

Speaking of shoes- largely thanks to the shoes, there’s over 85 outfit combinations- well over 100 if you add in the scarf or the coat into the mix. So, that’s super fun!

Anyway, I hope you enjoy this collection of paper dolls as much I enjoyed drawing and sharing them all with you!

The 2022 Jewels and Gemstones Round Up!

Every year for the last few years, I’ve done a round up of all the Jewels and Gemstones Paper Dolls and I thought I would continue that tradition this year. It’s always fun to see everything! One of my goals for 2023 was to get up to 100 paper dolls in the Jewels and Gemstones series and I am so happy to say we did it!

As some of you may know from my Monday post, things are going to be looking pretty different around here for 2023. I don’t know exactly what this means for Jewels and Gemstones, yet, but I do know anything new I made for the series will be compatible. I am not resizing the series again! I promise.

Jewels and Gemstones in Historical Clothing

Over this year, I did 11 different historical dolls (one was a Patron exclusive and she’s down at the bottom in that section). I explored the 1980s, the 1950s, the Italian Renaissance and the 14th century. All fun eras! My favorite, I think, was my 1980s aerobics paper doll set.

Jewels & Gemstones in Modern Clothing

My modern paper dolls this year focused on a lot of trends like coastal grandmother and regencycore. I also did a Purim paper doll which I am super happy with. There aren’t enough purim paper dolls in this world.

Jewels & Gemstones in Fantasy & Sci-fi Costumes

My fantasy and sci-fi paper dolls are some of my favorites and based on your feedback- you’re all big fans too! My favorite fantasy paper dolls from this year I think were my regency fantasy set, my circus set and my mermaids (both Opal and Citrine got to be mermaids this year!).

Jewels and Gemstones just for my Patrons!

I debated how to share my Patron paper dolls for this year. I wanted to both show off what I’ve made for my amazing supporters and maybe entice a few of you who aren’t supporters yet to consider joining us here! As always, thank you so much to those of you who support PTP. It really does make a difference.

And that’s it folks!

The most popular post on PTP this year was Gallant Ladies! I was surprised, I confess.

Did you have a favorite? Let me know in a comment!

Happy 2023! Big Announcement!

First off: Happy Martin Luther King Jr Day to those in the USA who are celebrating.

Random Fact: I started PTP in 2008 and I was 23. So, 14 years (nearly 15) later, I think it might be time for some changes.

The internet doesn’t look like it looked back in 2008 nor does my life.

So, as an experiment, I am going to move my focus to my newsletter this year (or until I decide I’ve made a terrible mistake, whichever happens first).

Sign up here or at the end of this post, if you’re not already a subscriber.

But what does that mean, you may reasonably be wondering. Well, keep reading.

Here’s the plan:

There will be on January newsletter next Friday, just to make sure everyone is on the same page and aware of all these changes. I may have newsletter folks who aren’t blog readers. No idea. Just trying to spread the word far and wide.

Anyway, the plan…

  • The Newsletter will come out on Wednesday’s starting in February and will be weekly.
  • Each issue will contain a paper doll, an outfit for that paper doll, and anything else I feel like tossing in.
  • On the last Friday of the month, you can download the months worth of paper doll content formates for easy printing from the blog.
  • In the first newsletter of the month, there will be a paper doll coloring page using the Newsletter doll I started last year, because I really do like drawing for that paper doll.
  • Patrons will continue to get a Vivian paper doll each month, posted to the blog & some other fun stuff- more info to come for them.

You might be wondering: Which paper dolls will be featured in the newsletter?

Right now, I have been on obsessed with drawing for the 365 Day Paper Dolls as series I did way back in 2020 for Patreon and which has never graced the blog (though you can grab that whole project from Etsy here in black and white or in color or if you’re a Patron, grab them here).

So, February will be that series. It’s very cute. I can’t wait to share it. There’s a sneak peek above.

After that… I honestly have no idea. I have a Jewels and Gemstones Fairy set I sort of like that I’ve been dabbling in and I also have some Regency stuff and maybe… The point is I don’t know yet. That scares me a little (I tend to over plan), but I am trying to also let go and embrace a little more of the “not knowing” part of the process. I think my art has started to feel stagnant to me and that’s not a fun feeling. It’s time to stretch a little.

The last time I started a project like this with this little planning it was… well, I think it was this blog actually. And that worked out okay, so in the end- it’s ephemeral paper toys for children. The stakes are low, as Julie Matthews reminded me recently when I was panicked about something.

I’ve embedding a newsletter sign up form here for you, in case you aren’t already signed up!

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Questions? Comments? Thoughts? Let me know!

Oh and before I forget- my patrons will get the first Vivian dress of 2023 (it’s super cute) this week! I promise I haven’t forgotten y’all and next week there will be the big 2022 Jewels and Gemstones round up, because I did reach my 100 Jewels and Gemstones sets goal and I want to show off.

Taking a Little Winter Break

Wishing you all the joy, peace, and love that this time of year can bring. Happy holidays!

I’m planning to take, as I often do, a little break going into January. How long?

Probably until the 15th or so.

And what will happen when I come back?

Probably my usual year end round up posts and then I’m not 100% sure. I have signed up for a digital art class and I am super excited to see what will happen and how that might impact the ways I make my paper dolls. So, I guess I want to leave open lots of space for experimentation and growth.

Meanwhile, have a wonderful holiday/wintertime with those you love!

And now, the Late 1950s with Jade!

A black 1950s paper doll coloring page with five dresses from the later part of the decade.
A black 1950s paper doll to print with five dresses from the later part of the decade.

Download Black and White PDF | Download Color PDF | More Jewels & Gemstones 2.0

And the 1950s styles continue with Jade here. In the Late 1950s, you start to see the 1960s silhouette sneaking in with the higher waisted dresses and the shape of the skirts. So, our paper doll is more about that easing into the transitional era of the early 1950s. I did some digging around into black fashion magazines of this era and tried to match the colors I saw in those sources when deciding what colors to use on today’s black 1950s paper doll.

Let’s talk sources!

The red dress came from this catalog page from 1958 Sears and the pink dress is from this Vogue 9137 from 1957. Her swimsuit is from the Spring/Summer Sears from 1957. The yellow dress is from this 1959 Sears Spring Summer Catalog, but I don’t think I got the skirt quite right. You can see more of this style here. The whole thing is that there was a distinct silhouette change going on as the decade changed. The goal was to show off how the shape of dresses as transitional at this point.

Jade’s hair is based on this photo of a very young Diahann Carroll from 1955. The paper doll’s swimsuit is from the Spring/Summer Sears from 1957. As usual, I find movie stars to be a super useful way to track down hairstyles. Her lipstick color is also based on what I was seeing in fashion magazines from the era- lots of very red or very pink lipstick.

So there you have it, a few of the sources of this 1950s paper doll and her five dresses from five different years. That last bit was not on purpose- it just sort of worked out that way.


In upcoming paper doll news, I am going to share a Patreon treat on Friday and then take a bit of a vacation until sometime in January, when I hope to return full of pluck, persistence, and paper dolls.