Printing Advice

A few Words on Printing the Paper Dolls

1. Always print the dolls from the PDF files. Select “Do Not Resize” for the pages to print at the right size. Alternatively, you may need to de-select “Fit to Page”.  Do not print from the PNG files.

2. Either print them on card-stock or paste the dolls to card stock before cutting them out. Cutting diagrams may be helpful for cutting out the dolls.

3. Making sure your printing settings are consistent across all the pages will assure relatively stable color matching, so if you print one set in “best” than print the other pages in “best”.

4. You can save ink by printing out the dolls on “economy” settings on your printer, but do a test sheet since different printers treat this setting in different ways.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me, more instructions can be found he