Some Sets in Black and White…

So… I often get asked for more black and white versions to color of Marisole Monday paper dolls. Oddly, I have almost never been asked for black and white versions of other paper dolls, but that’s neither here nor there.


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This was specifically requested a while ago, so I wanted to make sure to do Ancient Chic and one of the sets.


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I forgot that I hadn’t done this in black and white. I would have sworn I had… but as it turned out, I was wrong. It’s odd to me to think this paper doll set in color was posted nearly two years ago. Wow… That was a while ago. I’m still not pleased with how the floral skirt turned out, but sometimes you just can’t win.


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{Click Here for More Paper Dolls in this Series}

Walk in the Woods in color was a set which I wanted to do some more casual wear and as I recall someone had asked for East Indian coloring, so that was my attempt at that. In hind sight, I rather like the accessories with this set like the apple, water bottle and backpack.

So, here they are. A few sets in black and white to be colored. Enjoy them everyone.

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  1. it’s great to look back on previous work and enjoy it with some perspective, innit?

    your b&w work inspired me to ease up on the throttle of my own dolls, so whoever was demanding it, i’m gad they did!

    and yes: accessories! we need more backgrounds and props!

    : D

    1. Giving myself permission to “ease up” on my paper doll production was very challenging, but I don’t think the blog would still be in existence if I hadn’t done that.

  2. ummmm… Walk in the Woods doesn’t have a map… But this is soooo AWESOME!!!!! these are (almost) all of my favorite sets!!!!! Thank you so much!!!!!!!! I HAVE ASKED FOR ANCIENT CHIC SO MANY TIMES AND NOW I HAVE HER!!!!! YESSSSS!!!!!! (sorry for freaking out a bit, but she’s my fave of all!!)

    1. Yeah… there was a map in the original draft which don’t think I included, though I don’t recall why… anyway, I always think of there as being a map in the set.

  3. Really, nobody asks for any of the others in black and white? I’d love the Flock in B&W, or more Pixies. Heck, I’m always ecstatic to see more Pixies, they’re my favorites.

    1. Once in a blue moon someone will ask for something other than Marisole in B&W, but Marisole defiantly is the most popular. Or perhaps her fans are just the most vocal. Hard to say really…

      1. Well, i reiterate, Flock to color, please please please please! And more Pixies! I love your work, and have been having so much fun with it.

  4. I just have to leave a comment to tell you how much I appreciate your work! I found your site a year ago when preparing a binder of busywork for my girls prior to a long road trip. A year later they are still loving your paperdolls and spend lots of time coloring them. (And I definitely join in!) We appreciate the variety of body types, skin colors, hair styles, and the awesome “non-Disney princess” styles! Thank you and keep up the great work!

    1. Thank you, Amelia. It’s comments like this which keep me drawing my paper dolls and I’m so glad your daughter has enjoyed them. I have many fond memories of cutting up paper doll books on airplanes (back when they let you have scissors).

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