Marisole: A Walk in the Woods

So, I barely got this done on time. It’s nearly midnight on Monday and my brain is a little fried. I spent the day cleaning and doing some homework. I have nearly fiftly library books piled on my table and I think I need to sort through them and maybe return a few, but that’s a project for another night.


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Today Marisole has gone out hiking. Being from Alaska, long walks in the woods were always a big part of my life. There’s a bottle of sunscreen for her and a water bottle, based on the one I carried all through college. I have no idea what happened to that water bottle. She also has a practical pair of hiking shoes and pants with lots of pockets. The thing I am most pleased with is how the colors came out, I think they feel softer and less intense then computer color often looks. It adds the right “organic” feel to the clothing.

Edit 4/6/2014: This set is now available here in black and white for coloring. Yay!

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  1. She has super cute clothes. They look very much like what all the kids who were trying not to be fashionable wore at my college (except Marisole doesn’t have that awful white people dredlok hairdo), only clean and not full of holes. I also like the huge hood on the hoodie; it looks funny, but still cool =)

  2. I like all your dolls, but I must say I really look forward to the Marisole posts. OMG. She is so adorable and her clothes are just the cutest. The “A Walk in the Woods” set is spot on. I love all the details. Good job!

  3. Thank you both for your nice comments. I agree with you, Sara, that Marisole’s rather large head does make her hood look a little… strange. I love details too, Edee, but they are very time intensive to do and I have to stretch my drawing skills beyond my women and clothing comfort zone.

  4. the new marisole is very cute – i’ve enjoyed all your drawings and collections (current and retired). i have printed out the Regency Teddy Bear (part 1 and 2) – i finished coloring in pg2 and would love to share it and the doll page of the Flora (the one with 1800’s clothing) – you can find both at my blog above – hope you enjoy what i did with them, please ignore the blue dress and the stockings on the Flora page, i’m currently unhappy with them and am planning on redoing them, its the doll and the orange/brown dress i’m most happy with.

  5. Your colored versions of my paper dolls are wonderful, Barb. Thank you for telling me about them. I love to see what people do with my work when it gets colored.

  6. We like the hiking outfit. Yesterday I played golf with a fellow who wore a old fashioned outfit with pantaloon style knickers, long knee high argyle socks, a striped golf shirt and a white flat top halibut type hat. I should have taken a picture, as I thought of you and your paper dolls. How about a historical sporting series? Golf would make a nice launch theme, both genders. Then perhaps hunting and riding. Love you, Dad

  7. I’m sponsoring a young girl in Ethiopia, and I was looking for some paper dolls to send with my support letter. Wow! The details of your artwork are amazing. I was utterly fascinated with the variety and creativity of each fashion collection (I was trolling your archives for a good hour before I realized what happened). You’ve made a frequent visitor out of me. Excellent job, can’t wait to see what comes next!

  8. Hi! So happy to find your blog today! My 2 granddaughters just discovered paper dolls so these will come in handy! Again…thanks!~!!

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