Pearl’s Lavish Evening Gowns

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I recently rediscovered the show Ru Paul’s Drag Race All-Stars when it showed up on one of the streaming services and I have been watching through the seasons I missed. I mostly just like getting to see the runway looks at the end, but I have never been much for reality TV show drama. Still, I love seeing the looks the drag queens come up with for the end and they always fascinate me.

So, yeah, that’s the context of today’s printable paper doll- I wanted to draw some slightly over the top dresses that really emphasized her curves. Bright colors and rich designs, I thought would be super fun. Not really inspired by Drag Race, but sort of inspired by the idea of evening gowns gone a little more wild than I usually do.

To give credit where credit is due, these dresses were inspired by the contents of my evening gowns pinterest board. However, none of them were specific to any of those I don’t think. At least, I’m pretty sure they weren’t. Who knows? Sometimes my brain doesn’t remember where I get my ideas. Enjoy!