B&B A Super Cute Sci-Fi Paper Doll

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Today’s Printable Paper Doll Inspirations: Space, the Final Frontier…

A super cute sci-fi alien paper doll printable with orange skin, wild red hair and three pieces of clothing. Part of the Bodacious and Buxom paper doll series, she can wear any of their clothing. Free to print for personal use

A super cute sci-fi alien paper doll printable with three pieces of clothing. Part of the Bodacious and Buxom paper doll series, she can wear any of their clothing. Free to print for personal use.

I grew up watching Star Trek: The Next Generation. My mother used to let me stay up an extra 30 minutes to watch the show with her. I have fond memories of Captain Picard and Co. running about the galaxy. I haven’t bought it yet, but I desperately want this book that came out recently about the costuming of Star Trek.

I remember reading once, I don’t know where, that they were never supposed to show zippers on anything in the future.

Anyway, whenever I draw aliens I think of Star Trek.

This is, for those of you counting, the first Buxom and Bodacious doll of 2017 and the 44th post in their series. Not bad really. If you think she need some more sci-fi/futuristic clothing to wear (and what alien paper doll doesn’t want an expansive wardrobe) then I would recommend last week’s retro sci-fi outfit, maybe some of Dragon Queen’s Dresses or maybe the fun of the first B&B doll’s cyperpunk wardrobe.

So, I gave her two pairs of shoes, because with this orange skin tone, she ain’t sharing with anyone. Though I think the black and white shoes are pretty flexible. An old Pixie paper doll named Jai inspired her crazy updo.

I love giving aliens insane hairstyles. Actually, I love giving all my paper dolls insane hairstyles. Probably because I wear my hair in a low ponytail all the time.

I bet I’ve asked this before, but here I go again. Are there any other Star Trek fans out there? What’s your favorite series? Let me know in a comment.

I grew up on Star Trek: The Next Generation, but my heart belongs to Star Trek: Deep Space Nice.

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Jinn in Some Bright Colors

logo-marisole-jinn-paper-doll-full-colorIf I was going to give out a prize for “set I colored the most times”, I think this one might be in the running for winning it. I think I went through four or five color schemes with this set.

I’m still traveling, so today’s post is a little late. I rather forgot it was Monday which tends to happen to me when I’m away from work and busy. I hope everyone had a lovely Easter sunday. I watched two little girls with matching Easter dresses ride their bikes up and down the street and concluded that they were, very possibly, the cutest things I’d seen in a long time.

Plus it wasn’t raining and that rarity in Southeast Alaska is a welcome change from the usual.

Meanwhile, we have our Jinn now fully colored with bright orange skin, blue hair and a colorful wardrobe. As I mentioned above, I went through quite a few different color schemes before I decided that I liked this one.


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To be entirely honest, I am still not sure I totally like the colors. I find the more complicated patterns that outfits have than the more confusing the color schemes become. Plus our Jinn has orange skin, which doesn’t really help in the coloring arena. I wanted to keep her copper colored skin and blue hair, as Jinn are supposed to be made up of smokeless fire and scorching heat.

This maybe the only post this week. I might manage another one. I just don’t know for sure yet… travel can be exhausting.