Welcome to the FAQ where I try to answer questions that I get regularly. If you don’t see your question answered here, feel free to email me directly. This was last updated on 2/24/2014.


How do I contact you?

You can contact me through email. Since sometimes people have trouble with email links, the address is- paperthinpersonas (at) gmail (dot) com. I check this email address every week and do try to respond to every email I receive, but sometimes it takes me a little while. Do check the rest of the questions to see if I answer you inquiry here, cause that will be faster than trying to email me in person most of the time. You’re also more than welcome to comment on the blog. I try to reply to those as well.

How often does the site update?

The site updates with new paper dolls twice a week and often has other updates through out the week. Sometimes, life gets in the way of this. I work full time, so I have to fit the blog into things on the edges, but I really try to have three updates a week. Two paper dolls and then one of something else- doodles, or thoughts about blogging or whatever.

May I use your paper dolls for my non-personal or commercial use?

Please check my Terms of Use. My paper dolls are available for licensing for use in commercial or non-personal productions. Please email me with any questions, I don’t discuss the “business” side of the site in comments (for both my privacy and yours). Be respectful of my terms of use, please. I can only continue to run this blog as long as people continue to respect my work and my time.

I drew some dresses for one of your paper dolls, can I post them on a website?

Of course, but please do not post the paper dolls (as they are my intellectual property) and a link back to my site (http://paperthinpersonas.com). I always love to see people’s designs for my paper dolls, so feel free to email me or leave a comment to let me know. It’s fun to see what people had done.

I don’t see my question on here, what should I do?

Feel free to email me or ask a question in a comment. I try to respond to the questions that I get as quickly as possible. If you absolutely need a question answered, contacting me is the best way to be sure that I’ll reply. I check my email several times a week, but it cane take up to a week for me to get back to people.


When will your next contest or drawing be?

I do not know. I run contests erratically throughout the year, usually one or two per year and their timing depends on my work schedule. I try to run them when I know I’ll have time to create the prize (a custom paper doll) in a reasonable amount of time.

What are the rules for contests?

The contest rules are as follows, generally, though they change sometimes depending on the nature of the contest and are always posted in the post announcing the contest.

    1. You can only win one contest per year.
    2. I announce the winner on the blog on the day I specify in the original post. I will also email the winner at their email address attached to the comment. If I do not hear back from the winner within a week, I will use a random number generator to select the next winner.
    3. The winner will receive a one page custom paper doll based on one of my paper doll series within a month of the end of the contest. Sometimes life gets in the way of this goal, but I will email the winner if that is the case and we can make other arrangements. Even for contest winners, I will not intellectual property laws with my designs.

How can I enter your contests?

Entering the contest usually means leaving a comment on the original contest post, but this can change depending on the contest. Because I do contests so very erratically, I generally recommend people check back often if they want to enter.

What is the prize for the contests?

Usually, the prize for the contests is a custom paper doll such as an elven Marisole, a pair of pucks ready for a date or this Chinese street fashion doll. I’ve done a 10th Century Anglo-Saxon and a 1970’s chick.

Paper Dolls

Will you make ______ paper doll in black and white?

This is my most commonly asked question. Maybe it should be at the top of this page…

The short answer to this question is: Probably not.

The longer answer is: It depends on a few factors. If there’s a specific paper doll that you would like to see in Black and White, drop me a comment and I will try to make it happen. However, please remember that not ever file I have is saved in such a way that creating a black and white version is possible. The time it takes to do so can be several hours if I don’t have the right file formats saved and I would rather spend several hours working on new work than several hours re-doing old work.

Why are some of the paper dolls “retired”?

Because I get bored. Seriously, I do. So, I draw what interests me and when a series gets to the point when I am dreading updating it (which does happen), it gets transferred from Serial Printable Paper Dolls, to Retired Paper Doll Series and gets to live there happily. All of my paper doll sets are available through the Printable Paper Doll Gallery, retired or otherwise. Nothing ever gets deleted from the site (unless I am asked by someone who owns the images or there’s another problem).

Do you take suggestions or requests for paper dolls?

I do, but taking the suggestion doesn’t mean the paper doll will happen. Generally, I dislike copying existing work, so paper dolls of specific people or television shows rarely happen.

How To

What do you use to draw and color your paper dolls?

I use black micron pens, black ball point pens, black brush pens (a lot of black, obviously) and do my coloring with a combination of Photoshop CS3 and a plug-in called the Bpelt filter which is designed for flatting in comic strips. I find it speeds up my coloring a lot (which is good, because color is time consuming). I have written a longer explanation about how I color here.

How do I attach the wigs and hats to the doll when there are no tabs?

I’ve written up some detailed instructions with diagrams on how to do this. If you have any further confusion, feel free to email me“>email me.

How do I make a stand for the paper dolls?

Directions for making a stand for any of the paper dolls can be found here with, fairly bad, iPhone photos.

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