Collaborative Paper Doll 2018: Now & Then

Black and White Paper Doll PDF Paper Doll Collaboration 2018
The challenge for March to our little collaborative paper doll group was to create two paper doll outfits- one based on a historical period and one adapting that period dress to another time. I had all sorts of ideas in my head, but when I saw a tunic that really reminded me of the sleeves of the 1300s, I thought- perfect choice.

So on the left is a gown of the 1300s. It consists of an surcoat over a kirtle or gown. The kirtle and the surcoat were often equally fitted. The surcoat in this case has a draped false sleeves and pockets. The slits in the surcoat would have allowed the wearer to access pockets benath the surcoat. The tight sleeves of the kirtle below it are buttoned at the cuffs. Check out my 14th century fashion Pinterest board for images from this era.

The tunic is based on one I actually. There is some debate about the construction of 14th century gowns. Some scholars have proposed that the low wide necklines depicted in manuscripts are created by a raglan sleeve construction technique. So I decided to make my tunic raglan sleeved with tulip style flared sleeves and a sharkbite hemline. The pockets I thought were a cute detail, though perhaps not terribly likely on a modern garment.

For more of the paper doll collaboration, check out Paper Doll School and Miss Missy Paper Dolls for more paper doll content. I can’t wait to see what other folks have done with this wonderful fun theme.

The idea for the theme came from Boots of Pop Culture and Paper Dolls. She’s paused on her paper doll creation for the moment, but her site is full of wonderful content and well worth a look.

Need a paper doll to wear these clothes? Grab her and more clothing here.

Collaborative Paper Doll 2018: Date Night Clothes!

Created a set of two date night outfits for today's printable paper doll set! It's a paper doll clothing coloring page that you can print for free and color anyway you want.

Black and White Paper Doll PDF Paper Doll Collaboration 2018

As some of you may recall from last year, Julie of Paper Doll School, Miss Missy of Miss. Missy’s Paper Dolls and I teamed up to create a monthly paper doll collaboration. It’s been super fun so far!

Date night was our agreed upon February theme. I was kinda not sure where to go with it. I first planned to draw a fancy evening gown, but how many of us wear that on an average date night? I certainly don’t!

Missy drew the base and her paper dolls often have a very anime style. I think this has been influencing me. I kept thinking about whimsical cute pieces as I was designing these date night paper doll clothes.

I had a bunch of fun designing her wig. It might end up needing a floating tab, so you may need to add one. I didn’t draw one, but I am thinking maybe I should have. Oh well, these things happen.

In the meantime, I hope you’ll check out the other date night outfits from Paper Doll School and Miss. Missy’s Paper Dolls.

Need a paper doll to wear these clothes? Grab her and more clothing here.

Collaborative Paper Doll 2018

A black and white pair of coloring pages with a paper doll and a mermaid outfit from

Black and White Paper Doll PDF Black and White Outfit PDF Paper Doll Collaboration 2018
Just like last year, Julie of Paper Doll School, Boots of Popculture Looking Land, and Miss Missy of Miss. Missy’s Paper Dolls and I are all creating another collaborative paper doll for 2018. Just like last year, each month there will be a different paper doll theme.

Today’s paper doll base was drawn by Miss Missy of Miss. Missy’s Paper Dolls. I drew my own face and head. For the hair, I was inspired by Boots paper doll Genevieve’s hair . It’s a way of drawing hair I used to do more of and I really like how it looks for a black and white paper doll. So, I thought I would explore it for this 2018 Paper Doll Collaboration.

The theme for January was “Favorite Fairy Tale.” I confess that while I drew a mermaid from The Little Mermaid, it is not my favorite fairy tale. My favorite fairy tale is actually The Twelve Dancing Princesses or possibly East of the Sun, West of the Moon. And then I also adore a lot of the fairy tales written by Oscar Wilde… Anyway, picking a favorite fairy tale is clearly not easy for me. 

However, the moment I saw the base doll Missy had drawn, I knew I wanted to make her into a mermaid. Something about the dolls long lean shape just reminded me so much of  mermaids. So, I thought the Little Mermaid was a perfect fairy tale choice.

Meanwhile, go check out the other paper dolls and fairy tales from Paper Doll School and Miss. Missy’s Paper Dolls.