12 Century Bliaut with Girdle

A printable paper doll with 12th century clothing including a bliaut, girdle, headdress, stockings and shoes. A great homeschooling history activity or just a fun paper doll for anyone who likes medieval fashions.

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Thoughts on Today’s Paper Doll
So, I am still working on the 1100s, 1200s and 1300s paper dolls. The 1300s paper dolls aren’t even drawn yet. So, I’m sticking with the 1100s and 1200s. I’ll get to the 1300s when I have a moment.

Anyway, meanwhile, there’s this 1100s gown known as a bliaut. Can I confess that I’m not sure how to pronounce that word? Anyway, it’s the wide sleeved garment that most of us associate with the medieval era. Despite being popular in pop culture, it’s actually gown there’s a lot of debate about how it was constructed.

The bliaut was worn by men and women, often in layers. The length seems to have been regional. In France, they look really long, but in Germany there’s often a shorter bliaunt illustrated over a longer kirtle. So, there seems to be some variation in the regional styles.

Inspiration for Today’s Paper Doll
Okay, so I looked at a lot of pictures and a lot of statues and I read a bit. Here’s what I understand: The bliaut is the subject of a lot of debate, as I mentioned above. Statues of the time show a very wrinkled, almost pleated fabric effect (like this), but illustrations by and large don’t. When they do show horizontal wrinkles across the abdomen they tend to be more subtle (like this). Additionally, smaller statuary (like this one) doesn’t show wrinkles across the abdomen.

There are, at the moment, several theories as to why and how wrinkles abdomens got formed, from cutting the fabric on the bias and lacing the sides (to create wrinkles across the stomach) to making a separate bodice and attaching it to the skirt.

I chose to go with a more subtle wrinkled look in my illustration, because outside of the giant statuary outside French cathedrals,  the wrinkles just don’t seem the tight or distinct in the art of the time.

Specific Source Images: Cathedral of Notre-Dame de Chartres Statuary (see this picture) & Stuttgart WLB, cod. bibl. fol. 57, origin: Zwiefalten abbey circa 1125-1130, f. 55 as pictured here (retrieved 9/9/2019).

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Last Thoughts
While I don’t have a real opinion on how bliauts were constructed, I do find it interesting the amount of debate there seems to be out there on the topic. The only theory I find least plausible is the separate bodice with skirt theory. I’ve seen some illustrations that seem to back it up, but never with proper citation. Cite your sources people! Additionally, separate bodices  would have had to have been invented and then ignored for like 300 years and that just seems implausible. Not impossible, mind you, but implausible. However, I always love to hear from folks to know more than me on these topics, so share away in the comments.

(But do try to keep it polite. I’ve had strange debates and oddly angry emails over medieval clothing before which, odd the true, still boggles my mind.)

Mean while, on Patreon, there’s an extra paper doll outfit every Friday! Plus previews of what I’m working on, polls and whole different paper doll series called Vivian. It’s a fun group. Check it out!

And if you need a paper doll with proper hair and undies for this era, grab Topaz in her 1100s underwear. The 1200s Lapis can also do in a pinch, if you’re more partial to redheads.

Ninjas, Can be Lavender, too? Right?

Paper doll ninjas design with armor and weapons.

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Thoughts on Today’s Paper Doll
Let me start by saying that I don’t really believe in “artist’s block,” because I think the way you get over such things is by actually drawing. I will confess that sometimes when I am stumped on what to draw, I end up looking at my Master Paper Doll Index and picking out a theme I haven’t done yet for the Jewels and Gemstones.

The four I know I need to work on include gothic, punk, astronauts, and ninjas.

Well, gothic, punk and astronauts will have to wait. Today, I decided to explore ninjas.

Inspiration for Today’s Paper Doll
One of the perks of having drawn a lot of paper dolls is that sometimes I go back to my own older work for inspiration, but I also wanted to look at other things as well. One thing I knew I didn’t want to do was an all black ninja outfit. Seriously, coloring things in all back is kinda boring. This is likely why I haven’t done that gothic set yet, now that I mention it.

Specific Source Images: This Illustration and This Image from Pinterest & This Ninja design from Last Year

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Last Thoughts
Mostly, I base my ninjas outfits on wrap designs, but I wanted to draw a qipao inspired piece instead. Maybe I should have said that up under my inspiration…

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Denim & A Bloom- Paper Doll Jeans!

A set of paper doll clothing with a pair of jeans, a pair of jean shorts and a t-shirt with a floral design on it.

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Thoughts on Today’s Paper Doll
So, I think of these paper doll posts in two ways. On one hand, each posts needs to be complete in and of itself. Like, I try not to just post a random pair of boots and nothing else, you know? On the flip side, I also think of them as all being part of the Jewels and Gemstones series and therefore part of a large art piece. So, they are not individual creations and bits of a bigger creation.

As a result, I was realizing I didn’t really have a lot of like basics for the Jewels and Gemstones. I’ve only done one pair of jeans so far. That seemed like a hole I should fill.

Inspiration for Today’s Paper Doll
I feel like someone asked for shorts and a t-shirt, but I also wanted to just draw some basics. Jeans and a shirt and shorts. They can be mixed and matched with all the other Jewels and Gemstones contemporary clothing.

Specific Source Images: This one was a big influence on my Firebird design.

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Last Thoughts
I’ve noticed there’s a lot of really unexpected color schemes in floral patterns these days, so I wanted to match that when I picked out colors for today’s set. I really didn’t want to make it a pink flower, though that was my first instinct.

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Agent Moonlight: Superhero!

A superhero costume for the printable paper doll collection Jewels and Gemstones from paperthinpersonas.com. Printable in color or as a coloring page.

Black and White PDF | Color PDF | More Jewels & Gemstones Paper Dolls

Thoughts on Today’s Paper Doll
Occasionally, I just sort of decide that I want to draw something random and then I do so. I know, maybe not the most exciting rational, but I have come to peace with it. I was doodling some super hero outfits and this was one of them.

I am grateful for this Superhero Name Generator, because I hate naming and titling posts.

Inspiration for Today’s Paper Doll
Um… It’s a superhero outfit? I dunno. I grew up watching the X-Men Cartoon, so I still tend to like my superheros in wacky costumes made from spandex.

Specific Source Images: Nothing really this time.

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Around the Internet: The X-Men Cartoon on Wikipedia

Last Thoughts
First off, I’d like to give a shout out to my Patreon supporters, because they really do make the blog happen and I am super-duper grateful.

So, I have this robot vacuum now and I have a cat. The combination is fascinating. The cat varies between being totally calm and okay with the vacuum to deciding it is a strange invader that must be followed around the house with suspicion. She hasn’t actually attacked it yet which is for the best, I think.

The irony to me drawing superhero costumes is that I really am not into superhero comics. On the other hand, I draw a lot of things I’m not super into myself. I do enjoy the wacky color schemes and color blocking. That’s fun!

Adventurer and Duelist Paper Doll Outfit

An fantasy adventurer in paper doll form with a leather bodice and leggings for the Jewels and Gemstones paper dolls.

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Thoughts on Today’s Paper Doll
Well, I’ve always loved swashbuckling films like Three Musketeers, the Princess Bride, and basically anything with pirates. I do love pirates. (Not like actual pirates, but the fantasy of pirates. Let’s be clear here. I’m not in favor of actual violence.)

I love drawing my fancy princesses, but I also like thinking about what a more practical fantasy adventurer might wear.

Inspiration for Today’s Paper Doll
I do keep an entire section of my Fantasy Clothing Pinterest board devoted to “Ladies in Pants/ with swords/leather bodices”. I also keep a Pinterest Board of Fantasy Armor, but I don’t really think of these designs as being armor. I think of them just as adventurer clothing.

Specific Source Images:This outfit from Pinterest and this outfit for the Mini-Maidens

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Last Thoughts
I love princess gowns as much as I love adventurer clothing, so I am curious, what are your favorites? Fancy gowns or more practical paper doll clothing? Let me know in a comment.

Right now there is a lot going on my life, so please be kind as I work on figuring out how to get from point A to point B. I keep thinking things will smooth out/slow down, but thus far that goal has been elusive. In the meantime, remember that I’m always sharing a weekly and monthly paper dolls on Patreon, depending on your pledge level.

A Classic Pancake Tutu in Pink

A classic pancake style pink tutu for the paper dolls with en pointe shoes. Print in color or black and white for coloring.

Black and White PDF | Color PDF | More Jewels & Gemstones Paper Dolls

Thoughts on Today’s Paper Doll
There are several different traditional styles of tutus. One of them is a Pancake style tutu which is a shorter tutu style with a wired hoop in-between the layers of tulle to help the tutu keep its shape.

Moral of the story, tutus are complicated! (Also, the word “tutu” is fun to say.)

I didn’t pick a specific ballet to base this tutu off of. There’s a lot of ballets in this world and this tutu could really be in any number. Part of the point of this tutu was just to practice drawing this style of tutu which isn’t easy.

One of the things about my art, is that I tend to be a pretty tight artist. I have trouble loosening up my line work and tutus are very much a lose sort of thing. Tulle is like that.

Inspiration for Today’s Paper Doll
I wasn’t thinking of any specific ballet when I designed this tutu. I wanted to draw something that could be in all sorts of things. One thing that fascinates me are the traditions around ballet costuming, but I didn’t feel like doing the research to say for sure which ballet this costume would go with.

Specific Source Images: This tutu, This tutu, This tutu and This tutu

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Around the Internet: I have a Ballet Pinterest Board, a Brief History of the Tutu and Types of Tutus from the Pacific Northwest Ballet

Last Thoughts
What’s interesting about the tutu is that the skirt doesn’t actually come out from the waist. It comes out slightly below the waist, closer to the top of the hip. That completely changes the shape of the garment. My paper dolls have fairly short torsos or it would be even more obvious.

Yes, for those of you paying close attention, I am reusing my toe shoes. A person can only draw en pointe shoes so many times before you get a little bored of them.

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Rose Dinner Dress: Princess Trousseau

A princess fantasy dress inspired by the 18th century and trimmed with roses. The shoes have matching garters and there is also a rose choker.

Black and White PDF | Color PDF | More Jewels & Gemstones Paper Dolls

Thoughts on Today’s Paper Doll
This dress is one of four I designed together. I wanted to create some rather traditional “big skirted princess dresses” for the Jewels and Gemstones paper dolls. Two of the dresses are Patron exclusives (join here) and the other two are being shared on the blog. This is the second one.

I have more in the works, but I started with four.

They all have the same muted color scheme. I really love muted colors, but I find I don’t use them that often. I think on computer they can get muddy really fast. I really liked the idea of having the same colors for all the dresses in the collection.

Inspiration for Today’s Paper Doll
This dress is the dinner dress of the set. It’s more formal than the music dress, but less formal than say the ballgown I shared with my Patrons. There’s something 18th century going on here, I think, but I didn’t really look at any reference images.

Specific Source Images: I doodle this before I drew it, but I can’t find that piece of paper- so you’re just going to have to believe me.

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Around the Internet: The “Rococo/Big Skirted Absurdity” section on my Fantasy Pinterest Board & some actual 18th century dresses

Last Thoughts
I love drawing big skirted fantasy gowns. The width of the skirt gives space to explore decorative elements that are harder at a smaller scale. Plus I grew up in the 1980s and 1990s, so I am somewhat a child of the big skirted Disney Princesses.

If you’re a Patron, remember that there’s a ballgown in this series here for you all. If you’re not a Patron, here’s how to join.

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