The Music Frock with a Draped Skirt: Part of the Princess Trousseau

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Thoughts on Today’s Paper Doll
Today’s dress is one of four I designed together to be classic “big skirted princess dresses” for the Jewels and Gemstones paper dolls. Two of them are Patron exculsives (join here) and two of them are going up on the blog here. I plan to create more, but at the moment, I just have the four.

Four dresses doesn’t make a full trousseau though, so stay tuned for additional dresses for this collection.

Princesses get a bad rep. It’s easy to look at the idea of a Princess and argue they have no automony, they get rescued and they are valued only for their appearance. Despite that, and despite being a feminist, I continue to draw regularly and often my Princess dresses.

It’s not that I’m not aware of the issues surrounding the concept of the Princess. It’s not that I don’t have serious issues with Disney and the commodification of girlhood. It’s not that I don’t occasionally prefer the idea of full-plate armor over full-skirted gowns. It’s that I don’t think femininity should in anyway be associated with weakness.

The only problem with Princesses is when they are offered to young girls as the only acceptable way to be.

Inspiration for Today’s Paper Doll
I really did have a lot of fun designing this one. It pretty much came out of a doodling session on my phone using the Procreate app on my phone, which I am sort of enjoying when I don’t have pen or paper with me.

Specific Source Images: This doodle

Learn/See More
On the Blog: More Jewels & Gemstones paper dolls & More of the Princess Trousseau (which at the moment is just this dress)
Around the Internet: I do keep a “Rococo/Big Skirted Absurdity” section on my Fantasy Pinterest Board

Last Thoughts
As my long time readers know, I have a strange obsession with the idea of different dresses for different activities. I think I read to many Victorian novels at an impressionable age. So, this is kind of an excuse to indulge in that fantasy.

Yes, I know actually having to change my clothing for each activity of my day would really be annoying. I don’t even like putting on gym clothes.

If you’d like an extra paper doll each week, check out Patreon. It’s a great way to get more paper dolls and support PTP.

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  1. I agree, wearing pretty clothes doesn’t have to mean weak or helpless. It’s all about how it’s presented, and your dolls always have a wide variety of clothing, including armor of all types. Having all the choices is what it’s all about! 🙂 Plus, I really love princess dresses! haha!

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