Ruffle Sleeves and Crop Pants

Summer time paper doll clothing with a coral blouse with ruffled sleeves, crop pants and a wrap skirt. Free to print from

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Thoughts on Today’s Paper Doll
You spend anytime watching fashion, as I do, and you pretty quickly see that sleeves are the THING at the moment. Sleeve details are everywhere. Personally, I think a lot of them are pretty fun- also a lot of them are pretty absurd.

Anyway, today’s post is, like the ruffled tunic, the preppy summer polka-dots (patron exclusive) and the tropical mini-dresses one I designed after looking at a lot of summer fashion magazines and wanting to make sure the Jewels and Gemstones got some fun summer fashions.

Inspiration for Today’s Paper Doll
As with the other paper doll outfits I’ve made in this summery collection. I based the colors off the Pantone 2019 Spring Color trend report. It predicted the coral would be the color of the season, so I wanted to make sure I used that color.

Specific Source Images: I used Instyle March 2019 issue– their big Spring Fashion report.  Sometimes it is super nice to get away from screens, you know?

Learn/See More
On the Blog: More Jewels & Gemstones paper dolls
Around the Internet: Pantone’s Spring 2019 Color Report (I know I’ve linked to it before, but it’s kinda the reason I did these, after all.)

Last Thoughts
It’s been a super hot summer here in Alabama. I am not a heat person. I hate the heat. I grew up in Alaska. I am a cold weather soul. You can dress for the cold weather. At some point, you can’t take off more clothing (and not get arrested.)

By the way, while I am not prioritizing keeping blog posts regular (too much in my life), I am making sure I get my weekly Patreon Paper doll up, so head over there to join and see those.

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