A Paper Doll Pirate Outfit for the B Pose Ladies

Pirate costume with hat, sword and treasure map. Free to pirate printables in black and white or in a color.

Printable Black & White PDF Printable Color PDF More Paper Dolls & Clothes
Back when I posted this pirate set for the C Pose guy paper dolls, I asked if people would like to see more pirate paper doll outfits. And since I got an adamant ‘yes’ from Annemarie, I decided to go to for it. After all, pirate printables seemed like a fun thing to explore through paper dolls. 

So, here is a lady pirate costume for the B pose paper dolls. It’s totally an exercise in fantasy, but than a lot of my paper dolls are. Along with her stylish outfit, our lady pirate has a treasure map and a handy sword. After the agony of trying to draw a flintlock pistol, I wasn’t doing that again. 

I’ll openly confess that I think part of my love of pirates is directly linked to my love of boats. I adore being out on the water. I grew up in a family that commercially fished, so I grew up on the water. I find it very soothing and peaceful to be out in the ocean- though I am prone to seasickness on the open water. 

I’ve had requests for pirates from a lot of parents who are throwing pirate themed birthday parties. I think this set of pirate printables and my other set for the guys would be really fun for kids. Paper dolls are great ways to encourage storytelling play.

That’s really all I have to say about this one. Tomorrow, there will be some clothes for the C Pose guys

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  1. Oops! Clicked on “post” too soon! I was thinking along the lines of a Madame Defarg paperdoll costume in honor of Bastille Day.

  2. Sorry to comment with a whiny complaint, but the color file won’t download correctly. I tried several times, on different days without luck and the files from other days work fine. Thanks for letting us have your hard work, I don’t say thanks often enough, but it is appreciated. Especially the wide variety of styles/times and occupations/races.

    1. You’re not being whiny at all! I try to remember to double check everything before posting, but once in a while I miss one and if there’s a typo on my end or my ftp server decides to act up (as it sometimes does) than something gets broken. I’m a one woman show, so I really appreciate it (and need) readers to let me know if links are broken. So, thank you for letting me know and I think it should be fixed now.

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