WIP Week: B Pose In Progress- 1930s and Fantasy Gown

Confession: I can’t show off any C pose stuff, because I don’t have any in progress. I’m working on some, but it’s not yet ready for sharing. Instead, I have some B pose progress images from Photoshop files of what I have been working on.

First up is this fantasy outfit. I’m not sure about the color scheme. I think it needs some tweaking. So, you can expect that to change a bit, but the outfit was fun to draw and I think feels a little kaftan like.

Just like I’ve been working on historical 18th Century Alice, I’ve also been working on a 1930s Benedita and a 1940s Beatrix. So, here are two 1930s outfits. Both are from sewing patterns. I love the sleeves on the dress on the right. Very period and very over the top.

So, next week we’ll be back to paper dolls with 18th century Alice for at least two days of the week (maybe three, depending) and then we’ll go from there. I hope everyone has enjoyed WIP week and it has allowed me to get a lot of paper dolling done.

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