Favorite Novels: Treasure Island and a Fantastic Pirate Paper Doll Outfit

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Today’s Printable Paper Doll Inspirations: Treasure Island, One of my Favorite Novels
A black and white paper doll coloring page of a pirate outfit inspired by the novel Treasure Island.
As some of you may recall, in January, Boots, Julie and Myself started a collaborative paper doll project, all drawing clothing for a shared base doll. Missy joined us shortly there after and we have continued to create, each month, an outfit for our shared paper doll lady.

For month four, our theme was Favorite Novels. For me, I knew immediately that Treasure Island was the novel I was going to work with. I fell in love with Treasure Island when I was a child. It has everything- a coming of age story, pirates, buried treasure and lots of adventure and betrayal.

The lack of ladies in Treasure Island never bothered me, but since our paper doll is a lady, I created some fantastic pirate attire for her to wear. And there were plenty of lady pirates in the real world, though I doubt many of them wore things like this.

Back when this whole year long collaboration project was proposed, I thought there was basically no chance it would survive four whole months. Call me a cynic, I suppose, but here we are in March of 2017 and there’s another batch of paper doll outfits on the horizon for my wonderful fellow paper doll creators- Boots, Julie and Missy.

So, check out Popculture and Paper Dolls, Miss. Missy and Paper Doll School for three other literature inspired paper doll outfits.

Need a doll to wear this stylish outfit? Grab the Doll here. 

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  1. this is awesome! you always remind me how literal i can be. i would have never thought to adapt a male character for this month’s theme. this is perfect! : D

  2. Love this! I also would not have taken a male character & adapted it. Brilliant!

    I am more than confident that we can get through a whole year of posts! This is something I really look forward to every month. So fun 🙂

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