Mini-Maiden Mermaid Paper Dolls Going Deep Into the Sea

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Today’s Printable Paper Doll Inspirations: Patron Requests for Mermaids and Liana’s Paper Dolls
A mermaid paper doll coloring page for the Mini-Maiden printable paper doll series. From
I was asked by two Patrons, Cathy W. and the Steger family to make more fairy tale and mermaid paper dolls. So, I decided to finally get around to a posting a paper doll I drew last year. When I create mermaid paper dolls, I always think of Liana’s mermaids.

Who was Liana? You wonder, well, she ran a site called Liana’s Paper Dolls and created the best mermaid paper dolls. The mermaids of Liana of Liana’s Paper Dolls. Her mermaids weren’t just beautiful and innovative, this black tailed adventurer mermaid was a favorite of mine, but also had amazing detail stories about the world that mermaids came from.

If you’re new to the paper doll website world and you’ve never spent anytime on her site, you really should. She’s not updating these days, but there’s plenty of backlog and her art is really outstanding. I would suspect that there would be no other paper doll blogs (and certainly this site wouldn’t exist) if not for Liana’s Paper Doll blog.

Any of my paper doll blogging friends feel the same way?

Frankly I’m not good with coming up with personal stories about my paper dolls. I rarely think of them that way. I sometimes think about time period or technology level, but I tend to think on a society level rather than on a personality level. For example, I love writing pseudo Victorian descriptions for my steampunk outfits (like this one), but I can’t imagine trying to decide the personality of the doll.

Bios like these Boots writes are just impossible for me to imagine.

I think this is okay though. The world would be super boring if we were all alike.

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  1. Liana is a classic! I spent far too many hours in my last year of office work (I was pregnant, knew I was leaving for good, etc) reading Liana’s blog and yours. I know I wouldn’t be blogging at all were it not for the two of you.

    Oh yeah, and your mermaid is great, too. I think about making mermaid dolls, but what would they wear, really? I read a short story once about these very savage, wild mermaids and now that’s all I can think of when I think of mermaids!

  2. i remember liana! when she changed her style to digital, i kinda wandered off. there’s actually stuff on her blog now that i hadn’t seen (even though it looks long abandoned). i don’t know if i was influenced by liana’s work, but i know i enjoyed it!

    you struggle with bios, i struggle with imagining that mermaids wear anything at all! we all have our challenges ~ ha!

    all that said, i always enjoy your creative take on clothing the fishie-people!

  3. This is beautiful! Thank you! I miss Liana. I liked her earlier, hand colored things best, but some of her digital coloring is stunning too.

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