The Curvy Girls Get Some Tunics and Jeans

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Today’s Printable Paper Doll Inspirations:Stuff I saw When I Went Clothing Shopping

Curvy paper dolls fashions including tunics and jeans. Available in black and white or in color.

A dress from 1820 for the B&B curvy paper doll series based on a gown from the Philadelphia Museum of Art to color and print.

I find that with my new daily posts, I seem to shy away from contemporary clothing in a way that I didn’t before. I just finished a bunch of future Marisole Monday & Friends paper doll posts and not one of them is a contemporary fashion set. (There is, however, a super cool 1920s golf outfit that’ll go up in a few weeks and it’s darn cute.)

The point is that I do believe in paper doll diversity. That doesn’t mean that I only want to have a lot of skin tones. It also means that I want variety of themes.

I like variety. Variety keeps me amused.

So, anyway, I am going to try to draw more contemporary stuff. After all, sometimes paper dolls want to flounce around in huge dresses and sometimes they want to wear skinny jeans.

Today, I decided that the Buxom & Bodacious got some cute modern clothing. A few months back, I went shopping for some casual clothing and I tried on some things a lot like these. First of all, none of them look good on me, but that’s what paper dolls are for!

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  1. i’m so utterly terrible at “diversity”. i have always appreciated how conscientious you are in all of your dolls, but your B & B series always particularly reminds me what a narrow little lizard brain i have ~ hahaha

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