Mini-Maidens Visit The 17th Century

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Today’s Printable Paper Doll Inspirations:Severall Habits of English Women Plate 11 By Wenceslaus Hollar and Shoes from 1640
A 17th century paper doll dress in black and white for coloring and printing from

Just like when I go clothing shopping, I am naturally attracted to tweed and cardigans, when I look at historical clothing, certain periods are more appealing to me then others. I have never found the 17th century to be a very interesting clothing era, which is odd considering how much I love the book Three Musketeers.

Part of the liberty of drawing “one” printable paper doll outfit at a time is being able to say, “Well, I can try this and I am not committing to something crazy.”

So, today I am showing off my first ever 17th century paper doll dress. This dress is based on this image from the 1640s. I don’t think the sleeves are quit right and drawing lace is always a challenge, but I have to remind myself that it is my first try, so I should probably be more forgiving of my own work.

The shoes are based off this pair from 1640, but I also used the book Mode in Footwear to help me as well.

I think I would like to do more research and try a few more 17th century paper doll dress creations, but I need to learn more about it. I feel like I just don’t know enough to really get into the 1600s when I draw.

So, would you like to see more from the 17th century? Do you like this attempt? Should I keep exploring this period? Let me know in a comment.

Also, you might have noticed I have been playing around with the blog format. It has been the same for like three years and I think I am overdue for a change. We’ll see if I still like it in a few days. 🙂

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  1. Actually, I think you did a great job, and yes, drawing lace is a pain. But on that note…how about a men’s cavalier/musketeer outfit? Complete with lace and plumed hat, of course!

    1. I need to do more research. This is just an era I don’t know enough about to really feel like I know what I am doing with I approach it. I did hope to do more men’s historical clothing in the future though.

  2. i’m such a creature of habit–the flip of the blog has me totally disoriented ~ hahaha.

    17th century is definitely a hard era, i think. but i like the stockings and the lace trim!

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