Summer Garden: A Paper Doll Dress Up Set

A black and white paper doll dress up set of sixteen pieces including two pairs of shoes, five tops, two dresses, two skirts, two pairs of pants and two pairs of shoes. Normally, I try not to post two fashion paper doll sets in a row, but somehow my life just didn’t let me finish up the other sets I had hoped to have done. Sometime’s life is like that, so for today’s paper doll dress up, you’ll just have to live with another contemporary fashion set.

A lot of these pieces are based on things from fashion magazines.

One of my goals with this set was to use more pattern on each piece. So, I decided to focus on floral patterns. It was fun to create the patterns for these pieces. Of all of the different pieces, my favorite is the drop waisted floral dress. (The polkadot covered jeans are a close second, I confess. They are based on a pair owned by my sister.)

I will openly confess that I really don’t remember everything I was thinking when I designed this set, except that I really wanted to play with pattern. See? Not very set has a deep philosophical story behind it.

A black and white paper doll dress up set of sixteen pieces including two pairs of shoes, five tops, two dresses, two skirts, two pairs of pants and two pairs of shoes. Free to print and color from

{Click Here for a PDF to Print} {Click Here for a PNG to Print} {Click Here for More Marisole Monday & Friends Printable Paper Dolls}

I’m not sure exactly what season this clothing would really work for. I mean, the turtlenecks are much more autumnal, but the florals are certainly a summer thing. I gave it the title Summer Garden, so I guess it’s summery?

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I’m also pleased to show off my draft version of my new paper doll index page. It’s still being tweaked, so I’d love to hear what people think of it as well.

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  1. Love the index page! Very cool to be able to look at all the historical ones you’ve done or even all the winter ones, etc.
    I’m mostly interesting in Marisole & friends. You mention their names sometimes when you post them. I get confused, however, at who is Marisole and who is a friend. I was wondering if you could do a post some time introducing each by name? Is that a possibility?

    1. Yes, that’s probably a doable post. Really the names are just a way for me to identify the different faces. It’s not as though they have personalities or anything in my head.

  2. The index is great. I can’t imagine how long that took! And the doll is nice, too. It feels like spring here in New England today (60 degrees! In February!) and this seems appropriate.

  3. The index looks amazing! What a job that must have been! I used to have a pair of polka-dot jeans, and a shirt very much like the one with the high neck and ruffled sleeve caps. Love the set! Thank you!

  4. over 600 pages. holy cow. that is so impressive. you are amazing!

    and i love the Garden fashions ~ unimaginatively, i’m thinking they are yelow and green.

    1. Well, that was a rough guess based on the posts in the “printable paper dolls” folder. Since a lot of sets I publish the color and black and white separate, I’m not sure how accurate that number really is. Still, thank you. 🙂

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