Alice in Wonderland Paper Dolls

Oh, Alice… How I adore you and have for many years. Today is Lewis Carroll’s Birthday and I thought I would honor it with a showcase of the Alice in Wonderland Paper Dolls which have appeared on the blog. (The actual title of the book is Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, but it has been shorted so often that everyone seems to call it Alice in Wonderland.)

I still remember my Mother reading me and my sister Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland when we were children. I have an Alice paper doll set reprint from Ladies’ Home Journal that I keep framed on my wall. So, you might say, Alice and I have a long history together.

Alice paper dolls… well, I have drawn a few.

And chances are that I will draw more. There is something about Alice that I find myself returning to over again. It’s odd, actually, because are large amount of the humor in Alice is about Victorian educational practices that we are long removed from. Still, I think there is always a place for nonsense in childhood and adulthood.

Alice in Wonderland Paper Dolls

Click on the image it will take you to the paper doll post where you can download and print a PNG or a PDF file. 

The paper dolls featured here are (left to right): In Wonderland (black and white), In Wonderland (color), Shadow & Light #8- Alice & the Mad Hatter, Alice: Modern Edition and Curves: Down a Rabbit Hole. 

So, my question to all of you of is this: Do you like Alice In Wonderland? Is there another Victorian piece of children’s literature, you prefer?

Should I keep drawing Alice or just get over it? 🙂


  1. Definitely more Alice! “A Little Princess” was one of my favorite Victorian books when I was little and you already have some Poppets that work well with that. There was also book of fairy tales called “The Wonder Clock” which I really enjoyed too.

    1. The “Little Princess” was my absolute favorite when I was a child. I liked Alice a lot more when I got older and started reading a lot of Lear and other nonsense writers of that era.

    1. I think when you return to the same themes in your art over and over again, it can begin to feel a little repetitive and a bit like “I’ve done this before.” So, while it was a little of a tongue-in-cheek question, it was also sincere. I do worry that when I do the same themes time and time again, people may eventually get a bit bored of them.

  2. i never get tired of Alice. there’s endless interpretations for her character.

    and maybe consider that your Alice series (and it should totally be a series) could include some friends for her as well. maybe to keep yourself from feeling old-hat about it, you could explore the other characters in the stories (of which there are soooo many).

    this is a subject i’ve been wanting to do. so if you don’t, i certainly will eventually ~ hahahaha

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