Masquerade Gowns! A Paper Doll Collaboration


Happy Halloween All!

So, today I am pleased to share what Julie, Boots and I have been working on for the last few months together. Back in 2010, I organized our first Halloween paper doll collab. This year we thought it would be fun to do it again!

We did something different this time though. We asked our readers to participate. Now, I confess that I was wary of this idea.

What, I thought, if no one sends anything in?

Well, I should have had more faith in y’all, because we got some wonderful submissions both from other paper doll bloggers out there and from regular readers. A total number of gowns our lady ended with with was twenty-two. A wonderful wardrobe for any paper doll.

I should say thanks to everyone who sent in gowns. So, a huge thank you to A. Rockafellow, Lina of Lina’s Historical Paper Dolls, Isabel, Aged 9, Elizabeth of, Savannah A. and Missy A. Their gowns are in this download.


Thank you as well too Ella, age 5, Anna, age 8, Laurel Stein, Alpharella Shagdal, Gena, Irma of Pabernukublogi, Melinda, and Melissa Smith of Miss Missy Paper Dolls who contributed paper doll as well.

After a little editing on my end to make sure everything was in the right scale for the doll, I am pleased to post my part of the Masquerade paper doll. The only changes I made to people’s submissions were to add tabs to those gowns that were sent in without them. We divided the submissions by name of contributor, but tried to keep sets that came in together as one set. That seemed the most “fair” way to cut up the dolls extensive wardrobe.

And of course, my set includes my gown above.

Download The Paper Doll Gowns Here

Now, if you want the doll herself, you’ll need to hop over to Paper Doll School for the doll and the first set of outfits. And then you can visit Boot’s wonderful new site Pop Culture Paper Dolls to round out your collection.

A huge thank you again to everyone who sent in dolls and to Julie and Boots. We should do this again sometime.

(But not for a while. I need to recover. 🙂 )

Until Monday, I hope everyone has a safe and fun Halloween!


  1. I didn’t participate, but I wanted to post and say how cool it was to go to all the different blogs and see all the dresses. I can imagine how much work this much have been and it was a really cool project!

  2. Thank you (and Boots and Julie) for providing an opportunity to collaborate!

    I think my favorites were the ones by little girls, but they all had something going for them. The doll will just have to attend balls for 22 days to wear everything.

  3. This was so much fun! It was fun to collaborate with readers & bloggers alike. And a great deal of credit goes to you, Rachel, for spearheading this. I would absolutely do this again!

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