Greta Goes out Hunting: A Fantasy Printable Paper Doll Coloring Page

logo-greta-hunterAs I mentioned a while ago, my computer died while I was traveling to visit family in Alaska. I’m pleased to report it is working fine now and it just cost money. Also, I should really back up my data more often, because hard drive problems suck.

Anyway, let’s talk about nicer things like paper dolls.

One of the reasons I keep a backlog of paper dolls is that should disaster strike, I have some things to post. I confess that my backlog has gotten lower these last few weeks and this has been a rough week for finding time to do blog work. Five hour power outage, jet lag, computer problems… Yeesh.

So, here is Greta and she is going out hunting. I didn’t give her any arrows, but…. err…. No excuse for that one, actually. I just kinda forgot. Maybe she can garrote things with her bow string or something. The image of paper dolls garroting small fuzzy woodland creatures in order to make them into stew is now going to haunt me.

Heading out on the hunt is this fantasy paper doll coloring page with a ten piece wardrobe. From
{Download a PDF to Print} {View a 150 dpi PNG} {Check out some More Mini-Maiden Printable Paper Dolls}
Other news… Assuming I get my act together, there should be a Marcus paper doll on Monday and then some other stuff in the coming weeks. I am trying to get excited, but I am struggling to feel inspired at the moment. I’m sure it’ll come back. It always does eventually.

How do other people deal with lulls in inspiration?


  1. The book is “how to cook furry woodland creatures”. Sorry, the image of the garroting is firmly in my head now.

    When I lose inspiration, I look at stuff. Random things, like make up, magazines, the high school across the street. Eventually something is bound to inspire me.

  2. Her hair is wild and it works! Maybe when I finally get my bow out of storage, I’ll get a wardrobe like this one…

    Inspiration is a tough thing to harness. I try to solve a new problem or learn a new technique when I’m uninspired. Good luck!

  3. Inspiration’s tricky. There’s so many ways to get ideas, but the more you try to force it, the harder it is to get it. I usually just let the ideas come by themselves, even if it is pretty frustrating at times.
    On the other hand, not being inspired gives me an excuse to watch my favorite anime or find new fanfiction, so that’s always good. ^.^

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