Faye’s Runic Adventures: A Printable Paper Doll

logo-faye-runicNothing exists in a vacuum. This means that anything which is created inevitably is developed from previously existing content. This doesn’t bother me. I love combining diffrent parts to get a unique whole.

Today’s paper doll was primarily inspired by this drawing I found on Pinterest which is originally from what appears to be a live action role playing game in England called Empire from the fictional country of Wintermark’s costumes.

Who knew?

This image was not my only inspiration. I was also influenced by traditional Japanese hairstyles and vikings. Everything is better with vikings or pirates or pirate vikings….


{Download a PDF to Print} {View a 150 dpi PNG}{Check out some More Mini-Maiden Printable Paper Dolls}

Seriously, I should do a set of pirate vikings. I can picture it now… horned helmets and jolly roger flags.

On second thought… maybe I shouldn’t do that.

Moving on… Faye’s world is a harsh one. Her people are known for their skill in leather and silver work. Of a fairly high status, she wears her hair in an elaborate style decorated with a metal ornament. The society travels long distances, mostly by river, and are known for their belief in astrology and careful tracking of the movements of the stars. Their calendars are prized throughout the world for their accuracy. They exist in small townships and a few larger groups. They do not have a centralized government, as we would call it, and form alliances through trade agreements and marriage. They are a largely matriarchal society.

I do have a lot of fun inventing this stuff. 🙂


    1. Soon. 🙂 Marcus will update on Mondays as he is part of the Marisole Monday & Friends family of paper dolls. I have two Marcus sets inked and am currently finishing them up.

  1. I love this one! And I fully support the idea of a well-researched Viking set, too… No horned helmets, but there’s a lot of interesting textures and lots of fur in real Viking culture, which could be fun. 🙂 This set is gorgeous, though… I’m so torn between coloring this and doing homework! 🙂

    1. Hmmm… The trouble with a viking paper doll is that I know nothing about actual vikings and the idea of doing the amount of research I would have to do does not entice me towards the project. Maybe next year.

      Or, if you win my usual January contest, you can ask for one and I won’t have a choice but to do it.

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