Meet The New Poppet Paper Doll – Posey

poppets-posey-school-logoSo, here I am kicking off June with a new Poppet paper doll named Posey.

I’d originally intended to give all my Poppets flower names beginning with P; however, I find I am rather running out of them. The only other two I can think of are Pansy (which I would use, except for that fact that it’s a rather derogatory name for an effeminate man and I just don’t like the connotation) or Peony which I will use one day, but calling the Asian paper doll Peony seemed horribly stereotypical. So, this leaves me with Posey for our new paper doll.

Anyone know of any other P flower names? I suppose I could branch out (pardon the pun) into other P girl’s names or simply other flower names.

printable-paper-doll-posey-color printable-paper-doll-posey-bw
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Now, Posey’s outfit is based, very vaguely, on a some of the school uniforms I saw when I was studying in England, though it lacks the jacket. I drew the blouse first and I didn’t want to lose the sleeve detail by sticking it under a jacket.

Poor excuse, perhaps, but true none the less.

I confess that I’m not totally pleased with how the skin tone turned out… I recolored it at the last minute, because the other skin tone was horrible. Still, I don’t know how much I like it.

All in all, it’s really good to be back. 🙂


  1. I don’t think any of these will do you much good, but it was fun looking.

    Portulaca, Phacelia, Pink (or Pinky), Peace Lily, Passion flower. Periwinkle, Pichi, Poplar, Pussy willow

    1. I love the name Petunia, though I’ve used it. The challenge of a flower search is that there’s always a lot of duds in the naming department.

    1. The trouble with Poppy is that I’ve used it. So far, I’ve used Poppy, Primrose and Petunia. I like all those names… but as I would like to make a few more base dolls, I fear I shall run out soon.

  2. Pimpernel? Poinsettia? Pasque flower? Pine? You could always go with fruits and vegetables and have Peach, Pepper, Pear or Pomegranate.

  3. I have a lot of flower names. 🙂
    I think none of these were mentioned yet…
    Pandorea, Paradisea (paradise lily), Patiens (actually impatiens I think, but I’ve often seen/heard them called patiens), Patrinia, Peas-blossom, Peregrina, Philodendron, Phlox, Plumeria, Podranea, Poison Ivy, Potentilla, Primula, Protea, Prunella (selfheal), Pyrola (wintergreen)

    Trees that flower:
    Phoenix (date palm), Plum

    Other Flower Words:
    Pistil (probably not usable since it sounds like a weapon), Perennial, Petal, Pollen

    Other Plants:
    Papyrus, Parsley, Peppermint, Pine, Purslane

    Names on BehindtheName:
    Patigul—Uyghur version of Fatimah with the suffix for rose
    Pushpa—flower in Sanskrit

    I love flower names!

    1. Of course. There was one that went up this morning. I wouldn’t neglect Marisole, but I wanted to post something on the first of the month to make up for being absent for two weeks.

  4. Nice to have you back! I don’t have any flower names for you, but I do have a suggestion: Permelia. It’s one of the more unusual names in my family tree. It has a Latin origin & means sweetness. Can’t wait to see more paper dolls!

    1. Permelia is a beautiful name. I’ll have to add it to my list of names to use for a paper doll. The Pixies go through the most names. And it’s really nice to be back. 🙂

  5. You could try naming a poppet “Pointsetia” (but not anything remotely related to the holiday season) or “Perenille” (a way to make perennial aound nicer)

    I absolutely love the poppets! They are absolutly adorable! I’m usually considered too old for paper dolls, so I can’t color them at school, but my sister knows of my passion. They make me feel like a not stresses out 8 year old, not a teenager!
    Thank you so much!

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