Marisole Monday: April Showers in Black and White

logo-april-showers-bwI desperately wanted to get this paper doll up before the end of April, as she is, after all, called April Showers. I posted the base doodle I did for planning, so here you can see the actual paper doll that came out of that planning process.

One of these days, I keep meaning to do a “start to finish” sort of post, but since I take SO LONG to finish anything, I struggle to keep all the relevant pieces together and since so many doodles never make their way into paper doll status, it is a struggle to document the process for me.

I think she’s wonderfully cute with her her braids and her glasses. I try to do one of two paper dolls with glasses a year, as I know when I was a kid and had to wear them I never found paper dolls with glasses. I still draw braids the same way my mother taught me to draw them when I was fairly young. I sometimes think I should learn a new technique, but it seems to work.

marisole-monday-april-showers-bw {Click Here for a PDF to Print} {Click Here for a PNG to Print} {Click Here for More Marisole Monday & Friends Printable Paper Dolls}

Personally, I love her rain-boots and her floral skirt (those are supposed to be pansies, though I’m not sure anyone can tell that…). I am regretting not making some more neutral tops to go with her other pieces, because I think the mix and match options for her may turn out to be more limited that I like. Never the less, I am proud of her potted plant and her seed packet. I have been trying to draw more little accessories for my paper dolls and I’m pleased with how these ones turned out. Now… if I could only draw a decent looking horse, I would finish that cowgirl paper doll that people keep asking for.

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  1. She is cute! I would not have guessed they were pansies but they are some cute flowers. Well done!

    I can’t wait to see this cowgirl. I have to say this is the first I have heard about it but sounds cool!

    1. The issue of the cowgirl is the issue of a horse. I feel like I can’t draw a cowgirl without a horse and I can’t draw a horse to save my life.

      1. i totally was going to have horses in my Reconstruction collection (still will if i ever get back to it…er…i mean WHEN i get back to it).

        and yes, cowgirl definitely needs a horsie!

        i love how different this doll is from your others; the glasses, the braids ~ she’ll probably be the first one i download and color since you think she doesn’t have enough tops for coordinating (now i have to test it!).

        : D

          1. I also shared a bunch of doll sets I created. Did you get them? The dancer doll, the Jinn, and the Norwegian doll?

  2. I love the braids. As for the mix & match options, I think if there’s a cohesive color scheme then it would be fine. I think wearing the rain cloud shirt with the floral skirt is just logical. My oldest son has been telling me lately that rain makes flowers, so there’s that!

    1. Yeah… we’ll see about the color scheme. This one is giving me fits just like Jinn in the Desert did. I’m remembering why I gave up pattern for so long. It’s all coming back to me now. 🙂

      Actually, I think most of it is coming out quite cute and I can’t wait to share it next week.

  3. sooooooo cute! the glasses are adorable! I really cant wait to see it in color. also I cant wait to see the cowgirl 😉

    1. I wouldn’t hold your breath on the cowgirl. As I mentioned, I need to draw a horse before I can draw a cowgirl and… well… horses ain’t really my thing.

  4. Omgosh! Thank you ever so much! This is just what I was thinking of for my new art journal–perfect!!! Thanks again.

  5. Don’t stress yourself out on the pony! When it comes to this, the artist’s opinion is most important.

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