Delaney… A Little Bit Sweet and a Little Bit Punk

delaney-logoI have to confess that it is getting harder to name these paper dolls. I nearly called this doll Zoe, before I remembered I’ve already done a Zoe (and we won’t talk about the three different Flora paper dolls problem), so I have been trying to come up unique names that I’m certain I haven’t repeated. Hence the Delaney choice.

Delaney’s style is a little punk and a little sweet. I have been noticing more of this look around lately and I thought it was worth exploring. I didn’t draw her really any accessories and I’m kinda regretting that now. I think she needs some… oh well, sometimes that’s how it goes. I’m also thinking I really should have made her lips pink rather than that bright red… anyway, not every paper doll is perfect.


{Download a PDF to Print and Color} {Download a PNG to Print and Color}

Since I was feeling a little rockabilly with these pieces, I decided to go with a sort of sweet color scheme of pale blue, pink, light green and white. I wanted to contrast the content of the skull prints against the colors of the outfits. My favorite piece might be her punk combat boots. Everyone needs bright pink combat boots.


{Download a PDF to Print in Color} {Download a PNG to Print in Color} {Click Here for More Pixie and Puck Printable Paper Dolls}

Weather in Alabama has been crazy. It took me eight hours to get home from work on Tuesday afternoon. My work has been closed for two days. There’s snow on the ground and ice and things are insane. Stay warm, dry and safe everyone.

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6 Responses to Delaney… A Little Bit Sweet and a Little Bit Punk

  1. Amy says:

    A lot of schools in Michigan have been closed pretty much every day this week because it’s been so crummy…

    But about names…there is a site I use to “store” character names so I don’t fall into a rut of always using the same names over and over (though occasionally it still happens). It’s called Behind the Name (with a sister site that has surnames if your dolls are ever in need). If you make an account, you can make personal name lists–I think up to 10 lists with 500 names per list–so you could categorize used, would like to use, etc. I like it because it isn’t baby oriented like other name sites…it simply focuses on names and the meanings (and possible historical significance) of said names.

    As for Delaney, my favorite piece is definitely the blue dress with the skull and floral print.

    • RLC says:

      I’ve used Behind the Name before, but I didn’t know you could make an account. That’s really cool. Thanks for the idea, Amy. 🙂

      And the blue dress is my favorite too.

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