Sketchbook Preview of Paper Dolls to Come

The first preview from the my sketchbook in a while. As usual, the photos are poorly taken by my iPhone, but the advantage of the sketchbook is that it doesn’t move or complain about being photographed.

Preview of a paper doll set I’m working on still. I showed off the dolls a little while ago. The series is going to be named Poppet once it’s done, though I probably won’t get it up until November.

Well, it’s been a while since I did a Puck post. I did some more modern clothes for Puck, though I confess to finding boys clothing pretty boring. I’m trying not to find it boring, but I always do.

And to go with the new Pucks, here are a few sets of clothing for a few Pixies. I’ve been playing around with pattern again, as you can see. So, nothing to exciting here.

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  1. Your sketchbook features are my favorite! I love seeing part of the process. I find boy clothing boring, too. A little less so now that I have sons, but I totally get it. Try formal wear or historical clothing. WAY more interesting.

    1. Yeah it is more interesting. I try to think a little about the audience though… do little boys want to play with dolls with historical clothing? See… I have no idea.

      1. i think we may underestimate what little girls want to play with sometimes too. that website with all the electronic movie star paper dolls that’s aimed at tween girls? some of the most popular are the young boy stars.

  2. i am a big fan of the sketchbook posts too ~ seeing work in process always inspires me. also: awesome pantalettes/bloomers!

    and i love how you say you find men’s clothes so boring ~ i like doing both, but i am overwhelmingly more interested in drawing male dolls than female ones!

    : D

    1. See and that’s what I like you, Boots. You like and draw beautiful male paper dolls. 🙂 And regularly inspire me to draw better and more males.

    1. I don’t know if that’s fair. I think there’s a lot of social pressure on guys to not “stand out” with their dress. I blame this on the Victorians. (I blame a lot of things on the Victorians, but this one is a little legit.)

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