Marisole Monday: Coastal Princess

Today, we have Margot rocking a fantasy look. I know the title seems of today’s paper doll seems a little odd. There’s nothing obviously seafaring about this paper doll, but I already knew that I wanted an ocean color scheme for her before I posted today’s Margot. On Saturday, I went to my favorite game shop to pick up some new dice and met a nice art student with whom I chatted for a while. He spoke so vividly about the colors of the entertainment sea that I knew I wanted to use them in my next paper doll set. You’ll have to wait to next week to see her colored, but I think she’s going to look wonderful.


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Spring has come to Alabama and with it pollen. I never used to have allergies and now I am sniffling and sneezing up a storm. No one warned me about this problem when I moved here… It’s beautiful. The trees are blooming. The birds are singing. And I have forgotten what it feels like to have both nostrils working. People keep saying it will be over soon, but I wonder what “soon” actually means.

Back on the paper doll front, I always have trouble coming up with accessory items for the paper dolls. Does anyone have ideas for medieval fantasy-ish sets like this one? I seem to draw a lot of books and boxes and scrolls and swords. I suppose more jewelry would be an option… I need to think on it. Though this might be the last fantasy paper doll set for a while. I’m feeling a little restless with the style.

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4 Responses to Marisole Monday: Coastal Princess

  1. Stephannie says:

    Gorgeous as usual! As for accessories, you could consider musical instruments – a lyre or harp, maybe? Or a basket with either food or flowers like she’s going to market. A big square embroidery frame would be appropriate – you could even design a little tapestry on it. What about a falcon for her arm? That might be fun.

    I looked everywhere for paper dolls that I could use to teach professional wardrobe coordination. I am SO GLAD to have found your site. The pieces in the modern Marisoles and Pixies are great for mixing and matching. Thanks so much for all your hard work!

  2. Meredith says:

    i agree musical instrements would be really coll acessoreis to have mabey a quill pen or other old fashioned acessories…

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