The Sketchbook Rises from the Depths…

I haven’t done one of these in forever, but since I just filled a sketchbook, I thought I should share some of it before I start on my new book. If anyone cares, I use Canson Universal Sketchbooks in nine by twelve inch size. Each book has a hundred pages, though I usually tear out a few and quite a few never get onto the blog, since I do some drawing that isn’t paper doll related. I like the Canson books, because they are fairly inexpensive and they take both ink and pencil well.

Some Pixie costumes in a Steampunk/Neo-Victorian style. The skirt was going to have a pattern on it, but I think I decided against it in the end.

Speaking of all things Neo-Victorian, here is a set for Marisole Monday and Friends in a similar theme. I’m not totally pleased with the trunk and it might not survive the coloring process. I hope to have this set up next week. I plan on making this set for Mia who I feel like doesn’t have enough sets.

Another Flock set, this one for Snow White and Rose Red. The idea is to have the two sets of clothes match with different color schemes. One in a blue and white scheme (Snow White) and the other in a red and white scheme (Rose Red), though I have begun coloring them and they’re not coming out terribly well. We’ll see how long I can keep up my theme ideas.

So, that’s all the previews for this sketchbook set.


  1. I really like the fairy tale flock sets. Can you please do one for alice in wonderland? it is my niece’s favourite story.

    1. I love Alice as well, and I have done several paper dolls of her over the years. I don’t, however, really think of her as a fairy tale, more as a storybook character. Never the less, I’d be happy to do her as a Flock, but it might be a while before it happens. She’s been in my mind for a few weeks, actually.

  2. I love when i pulll up your sight and i see something new posted …. i just love love love how cute the sonw white and rose red pieces are…. it would even be cool if you wanted to post them in in black and white first and then in color…. i do love coloring paper dolls i printed off TONS of paper dolls to color becasue i will be going on a long car trip with my family for spring break! Good luck with all the paper dolls i can’t wait to see how they will turn out,

  3. Oh i Just Love the Flock fairytales!! I love when you show us ittle sneek peeks of them i can’t wait to see what you continue to do with this series!!!!! oh and thanks for posting on your blog alot of the paper doll blog i have found are old blaogs so they are not really any new posts also thanks for the black and white paper dollls for coloring they will make 36 hours in the car more interesting and i cant wait until i can color them(i am saving them for our car trip … we leave tommrow!!!!)

  4. one last thing i do love getting a peek into your sketch book it gets me really excited to see what might be in the paper doll future!I Love your paper Dolls!

  5. i love seeing paper dolls out of your sketch book its like a sneek peek which is awsome it is fun to look back at the sketch book sketches after the colored doll is posted. I cant wait to see snow white and rose red i think it sounds super cool! will you have two different dolls who can where the clothes or only one? Two might be cool they would be like sisters just like snow white and rose red.I really love the flock fairytale sets.

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