Pixie & Puck: Jacqueline in Colors…

{Click Here for a PDF of Jacqueline: Black and White} {Click Here for a 150 dpi PNG of Jacqueline: Black and White} {Click Here for a PDF of Jacqueline: Spring Time} {Click Here for a 150 dpi PNG of Jacqueline: Spring Time}

{Click Here for a PDF of Jacqueline: Winter’s Day} {Click Here for a 150 dpi PNG of Jacqueline: Winter’s Day} {Click Here for a PDF of Jacqueline: Brights} {Click Here for a 150 dpi PNG of Jacqueline: Brights}

Clearly, I got bored last weekend and decided that what I needed to do was color a paper doll set in three different color schemes, because I couldn’t make up my mind.

Actually, there was a fourth color scheme, but it looked bad and didn’t get as far as being posted.

I think I might have a problem. I can’t keep doing this with Pixie paper dolls, because it’s darn time consuming and yet… I wonder what she’s look like in a red and blue color scheme? See… this is why I have a problem.

So, I put up a Terms of Use statement recently. The truth is that I probably should have done it a while ago, but sometimes I forget that I’m not talking to myself when I write on this blog. So, none of the terms on it are really different than they ever have been, but I think it clarifies a few things. As always, if you have any questions about anything, feel free to email me. I check my email every most days. I’m working on recoding the FAQ page as well.

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6 Responses to Pixie & Puck: Jacqueline in Colors…

  1. marie claire says:

    Thank you Rachel. The day had started really badly (here in Europe it’s 9 a.m. now) and I couldn’t sleep for most of the night. Then I had a look at your blog, and here it is, a Pixie (they are my favorites); in period clothes (love them and I am translating a period romance); in four version plus black and white!

    You really are a lovely person (and I like your sense of humour too). I wish you a great day (and lots of healthy, sound sleep)

    By the way, my favourite is the “spring” version. Not that I feel much ready for spring (certainly not today) but I love the purple and green mix.

    • RLC says:

      Thank you, Marie Claire, for your kind words. I should warn you that these clothes are only period in a vague sort of fantasy way, but I’m glad to hear that the Pixies are someone’s favorites. I really like them too and sometimes I think it’s sad that Marisol seems to get all the love. I hope your day gets better.

  2. KatheD says:

    I love the Pixies! I can’t vote for my favorite Jacqueline because you don’t have the option for “All of them because each one is beautiful, and red & blue would probably be just as awesome!”.

  3. B says:

    How come you never have a poll option for liking all of them? I don’t like having to choose just one!

  4. k says:

    You forgot a red head! Just kidding. That look lovely. And i was finding myself in he same situation wondering what sets would look like in different colors…i may have to give in.

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