Alice and Red Riding Hood from my Sketchbook

I’ve been doing a bit of drawing, but have been having trouble getting it from sketchbook onto scanner and then onto blog. So, here are a few pics of things I’ve been working on.

Alice is a re-occuring theme in my paper dolls. I think I have Alice paper dolls from high-school somewhere in my collection of stuff. I want to get this one done in time for the anniversary of the publication of the book which was in January, I think.

Another page of Alice. There’s a third page, but its still being inked right now, so I think it will have to wait.

I’ve been working on this sort of odd Flock modern/punky fairytale thing lately. This is Little Red Riding Hood. Hence… you know… the hood. I also had two requests for new Flock paper dolls– one with lighter brown skin than Wren and another with long straight blond hair, so I am working on those as well.


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