Calla in Color: Mango and Strawberry

I will be at work late tonight, so I am writing this post early in the morning. I do evening reference shifts about twice a month and I enjoy it. Since I work down in the Special Collections, I tend to get specialized varieties of questions, but when I’m at the reference desk, I get all sorts of random questions. My favorite was an evening when I got asked about both Chinese acrobats and the economics of fisheries on the Gulf of Mexico.

Anyway, my point is that when writing blog entries early in the morning, you have to lower your standards for my coherence.



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color-swatch-mangoWhen I use these cheery fruity colors, I always find myself thinking of the tropics. I imagine Calla walking the streets of somewhere warm- Miami or Brazil- and drinking something iced out of a coconut. By the way, I totally think Kandi would steal the black skirt with the pink piping.

I seem to have some weird conviction that tropical colors means tropical places.

The only downside of writing posts in the morning is that it makes it so I end up posting two in the same day…. I shall have to think on that one was a problem. Oh well….


  1. I love the yellow, orange, pink, and blue skirt! If that was actually an article of clothing that a person could buy, I would have picked it up as soon as I saw it! It is adorable!

  2. Thank you very much for sharing your beautiful paperdolls!
    I like your style: neat and simple, but without the result being “childish” or “computer-cute”.
    On the contrary, it has a very marked personal touch.
    In my country (Italy) paperdolls were not so popular when I was a child, but I loved them. I used to find some on the children pages of a magazine for families, from time to time, and it was always such a feast that I disregarded the advice about pasting the page on cardboard before cutting the doll and clothes: I would cut out everything first, then paste, then cut out again, just for the pleasure of doing so.
    When I had no proper paperdolls, I would cut out photos from fashion magazines.

    A few years ago, I had to entertain two young cousins and it occurred to me that paperdolls could be a good idea and that I might find something on the Internet

    Now I have a 5 year old god-daughter who provides me with a perfect alibi for spending hours online searching for paperdolls to print and then cut and colour (this because I only have a b&w laser printer, but also to customize the dolls – little Emma has her own very decided tastes and she belongs to the “purple&pink” brigade – and, last but not least, because I find coloring almost as relaxing as cutting out)

    Would you consider uploading a b&w version of your Nammu?
    Little Emma loves the “Pixies” – which incidentally are my favourites too: they remind me of a series of much loved dolls I had as a child ( and would be delighted to add a glamorous purple piratess to “our” collection…;-)

    PS I found the video on youtube, I’m not responsible for the music choice!

    1. So… about Nammu… I can post a black and white version, but it will be a bit. I checked the files today and I found out that I hadn’t saved the draft files with the layers intact as I usually do. This isn’t to say it won’t happen, just that it might take a few weeks. Stay tuned for that.

  3. Pps (and more to the point):
    my favourite swatch was avocado/cream and it turned out as I expected, with clothes perfectly matching the skin tone;
    peaches and ice is lovely too, perhaps (in my very modest opinion) a colder skin and hair tone would have set the clothes off better?

    1. Yeah… I have this weird obcession with the idea of dark skin and orange hair and pastel clothing and though I’ve done it before it never really.. works. I might have to give up the ghost on that one.

  4. I’m enjoying all of the varying skin, hair and clothing options. Don’t give up the dark skin, red hair mix. It adds an interesting combination.

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