And Then There’s the Sketchbook…

Today, I did a lot of inking after work… and photographed it on an empty box left over from the move… I do seem to still have a fair number of those laying about.

A pirate pixie set I have been working on… I listened to Treasure Island on audio book during the drive down to Alabama and well… I got inspired.

I almost gave her a peg leg, but I restrained myself.


Heads for a few different Pixies and a steampunk-ish Pixie set, I finished inking today. Hence the photo-op on the deck… I love having a deck. It’s a new experience.

I’ve been working on more one-shot paper dolls. I like the freedom of the new less scheduled system, because it allows me to play around with things I wouldn’t normally do. I’m not too keen on her lips though, I have to confess. I think she looks angry.


  1. I’ve seen a lot of paper dolls, but never with peg legs or hooks. Something tells me it’d be a pain to make shoes/tops for…

    1. Or easier… I mean, you’d only have to make one shoe… Had I know the peg leg was going to be such a popular idea, I might have done it… next time

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