Silk and Steel: Printable Paper Doll with Armor

Color schemes are always challenging. I wanted to keep the colors simple, since so much of it was going to be “silver grey”. As I see it, the “leather” can either be brown or black, but I think it looks off when there is a mix. After some debate, I settled on black and then decided to use white as a contrast color, rather than the more traditional dark shade. The rich red color has a lot of blue into it which keeps it from feeling too “blood red” and softens it against the black and the white.


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Okay, so a question…

Dreamed asked: If you could travel to any time era, in any part of the world, when and where would you go? Why?

Wow… hard question. I have no idea… not very helpful is it?

I guess if I had to go somewhere and visit a period of history, I would want to visit Mainz in Germany when Gutenberg was printing his bible in the mid-1400’s, just so that I could see the press. A little odd, but as a rare books person, I just really want to see it.

I would not want to have to wear the clothing of the early 1400s… that just does nothing for me.

On an utterly unrelated note, I found this beautiful Valentine paper doll on Flickr. I love the way water color looks when it’s well done. Makes me almost want to try traditional media… almost.

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8 Responses to Silk and Steel: Printable Paper Doll with Armor

  1. B says:

    I knew this would look epic in color! =D

  2. Heidi says:

    Love the color scheme. The red, black and white together look very tribal, like maybe Maori or something along those lines.

  3. H says:

    love this, definitely one of my favorites, do you ever do outfits from movies? like the hunger games? “hint, hint” : D

  4. RLC says:

    I don’t do many costumes from movies and I have no plans to do a Hunger Games set. I just don’t find copying costumes from movies very interesting. I have done a Harry Potter set and a Star Trek set. Toria, over at a Paper Closet, has done a beautiful job on the Hunger Games already, so I don’t really feel any need to fill in that gap.

    Thanks for asking though, I always love to hear what people would be interested in seeing. 🙂

  5. boots says:

    i know this isn’t your usual thing, but this doll is completely awesome! stunning variations on breast plates and skirts ~ so much fun!

    : D

  6. jazz13 says:

    What is the red and steel thing right by the long dress?

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