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{PDF Download of all four pages for Ethan and his Wardrobe}

Confession time: I think men’s clothing is boring.

I know I shouldn’t, but I do.

Historically speaking, there’s some neat stuff for men, but right now it’s all trousers and shirts and jeans and shirts and suits and maybe some swim trunks and really… that gets old.

Still, my poll in January (and I, like apparently the candidates for president, take polling seriously) said that what people wanted to see was male paper dolls.

Originally, Ethan here had a girlfriend or just a friend… I shouldn’t make assumptions about my paper doll’s sexual orientation. However, I thought she looked like she’d just been hit with a brick or something, so I decided not to post her or draw her any clothing. She won’t be returning to the blog unless I decide I really feel like it and I doubt it.

Instead, I gave him a some clothing (including a styling Star Trek uniform) and have posted him.


  1. i think he totally needs an evil twin ~ maybe even from another planet!

    and i think you’ve done a good job at fulfilling your 2012 promise. if male paper dolls isn’t your thing, so be it! I never played with dolls as a kid, but I was always perplexed by friends who had Barbies and no Ken ~ it perplexed me why Barbie needed to get so gussied up if there were no Ken to impress. Now you have a handful of boys to go with your girls so at least everyone has options ~ who can ask for more than that!

    i don’t find male paper dolls boring at all (obviously), but i can totally understand if other people do ~ i feel the same way about baby/toddler paper dolls and there are certainly plenty of those to go around!

    : D

  2. there are these twins i babysit sometimes. one’s a girl who love paperdolls and loves being able to color them herself. the other is a boy who also likes paperdolls and coloring them, but only if they’re boys too. you have just made a little boy’s day. if you would release a b&w puck with superhero outfits he’d love you forever.

    1. Well.. I do like making small children happy… so I’ll see what I can do about a superhero Puck paper doll. May be a while though, since I’m still in the midst of school things.

    1. I actually did draw one, but I ruined it when I inked it, so it never made it part of the set. Perhaps the next male paper doll shall get one.

  3. Ethan can become anything anyone wants to make him, though I don’t plan on drawing him anymore clothing. If you’d like to draw him an astronaut outfit, I say go for it. After all, that’s half the fun of paper dolls- with pencils and a little imagination, they can become anything.

    However, if you want immediate gratification, try:

    Where Kwei-lin Lum has done some beautiful full color sci-fi astronaut explorer paper dolls.

  4. You never cease to amaze me with your consistent, creative dolls and wardrobes. I’ve been making paper dolls for over 50 years and after a small interest revival I made some again myself in the late 90’s and sold them at craft fairs. I lost interest in the whole paper doll art until I found Pinterest. What a cornucopia of cut-out delight! You and your Marisole Monday and other dolls gets my Designer Award Number 1. Thank You so much for your divine inspiration. <3 Dorian H

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