At the Big Gala: Black Printable Paper Doll

Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day to all those in the United State who, like me, get the day off. I’m spending mine doing laundry and getting ready for classes, but hopefully other people are having more fun. Marisole is all dressed up for a big gala this week. I confess that my schedule for this coming semester is looking crazy and I don’t know how much time I’ll be able to devote to the blog, but we’ll see how it goes.


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So, my father is trying to get me to create some magnetic paper dolls to sell. I’m not so sure about the idea myself, but he’s convinced that in the tourist heavy summers of Juneau Alaska that they would be a hit. He’s promised to do the research, if I draw the paper doll. My question to all those grandparents who read this blog or parents or anyone else who buys gifts for children (or themselves, lets be honest here) how much would you pay for a magnetic paper doll, neatly packaged with an Alaskan theme (assuming you’re in Alaska to begin with, mind you). Five bucks? Ten? I’ve seen them on Etsy for as much as 30 dollars, but I can’t imagine anyone paying that amount (I certainly wouldn’t). How much would you spend?

Edit 4/6/2014: This set is now available here in black and white for coloring. Yay!

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  1. depending on the amount of clothes the doll came with, anywhere from $5-10. The more outfits, the more I would be willing to pay. I really dislike dolls with only a few outfits, but if it had about 8-10 outfits I would be happy.

  2. Yeah, I totally agree with you on the outfits thing, Ana. I think a paper doll needs quite a few outfits before it becomes a fun doll to play with.

  3. I think a doll needs quite a few outfits, and I think paper dolls are alot more fun if there are two dolls, and perhaps a dog (husky?) to go with them. So if the doll had a friend and quite a few outfits I would pay $10, if it came with a metal tin that had a lid that would be fun to play on you get in the $30 area.

  4. the roses are great!

    as for the price, other factors to consider are your labor and shipping (if you plan to sell on Etsy, for example, in the off-season). i’m probably not too weird a spender, but i will pay $15 for something if that is the flat price. if i have to pay shipping on top of that, i get itchy.

    i think you could easily sell at about $3-$5 per sheet. you know your own process (time-wise) and the cost of the materials (printer, ink, and magnetic paper), so you might factor those things in to make it worth your while.

    good luck! i would love to see an alaskan or gold rush doll.

    : D

  5. Rachel!!!! We gals who are having coffee with your mom are SO impressed. This needs to go forward. We agree with your dad. The JAHC has some dolls so there is a test market. You go girl! We love it. cristine, Mary Claire , Mary pat and mom

  6. can i please have a uniform set with school uniforms? i told my teacher and classmates about this site even if i was feeling a bit greedy. we want to use it for our classroom model 2013 its ok if you can’t do it i’ll cut it out with cardboard i just think yours would be more proffesional if my luckiest star wish is granted and you say yes please make the green skirts long with red checkered tops thanks!

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