Marisole: Elegant Princess

When I was the child, one of my favorite dolls was a Rapunzael doll who had blond hair and a lavender and purple empire princess dress with slit sleeves. I still own the doll and the dress, though she’d gotten a hair cut since then. When I think of a “classic” princess, I don’t think of huge skirted dresses, I think of dresses like these.

And when I’m tried and I’m not sure what to draw, I tend to fall back on dresses like these. Ideas can, at times, be hard to come by.


{Click Here for a PDF to Print} {Click Here for a PNG to Print} {Click Here for the rest of this series}

On an unrelated note, I noticed that this is my 65th Marisole Paper doll which I am fairly proud of. I suppose I should wait for the 75th before celebrating, but that would be in two and a half months and I doubt I would notice. Therefore, I have decided to do a drawing. Answer the question below in the comments of this post to enter.

The question: Which Marisole paper doll is your favorite? (And you can give a one word answer like “Zombie” or the full title.)

The Rules:
1) One answer per person.
2) Contest will run for this week.
3) At the end of the week, I will put the names of everyone who answered into a hat, draw one randomly, and announce the winner on next Monday with the Marisole post.
4) If you have won once this year, you’re not eligible to win, but feel free to answer my question.

The Prize: A custom paper doll (Marisole or otherwise) drawn to your request. This one or this one are examples from past drawings and contests.

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  1. I like all of them, but to say which one’s my favorite? Oh…it’s a close tie between Ninja and Black and Purple Fantasy, but I’d have to say Black and Purple Fantasy. I just love the clothes and the doll.

  2. Well, it’s between Tokyo meets Georgia, Retro pin up Saucy and Nautical girl. If I had to choose… Tokyo. I think.
    Love the new one too – especially the flowery details on the blue gown.

  3. I have lots of favorites (all that are princesses, steampunk like the movie Wild Wild West, the purple ones, pretty dresses, japanese style …), so I chose the one that somehow reminds me of Lord of the Rings ^.^ An Elven Princess.
    I grew up with fairytales too, but the ones I loved more were by Condess of Segur. The visual description were fantastic.
    This Elegant princess is another one to add to my long Marisol favorites list.

  4. My favorite is the nautical girl, but my special needs daughter just informed me that the best one is the doll from the Florence Mix and Match Victorian (because it looks JUST like her – or so she says), wearing the dresses from the purple and black fantasy because, of course, purple is the only color that exists in her universe

  5. I’d say my favorites are the “Tones & Shades” inspired by Han Chinese clothing, and the Zombie.

    Also, I love your princess dresses. They’re very much my ideal sort of princess dress as well =)

  6. It was difficult to decide on a favorite. For the clothes perhaps “1910s”, for the idea “Beneath the Waves”, but I decided on “Sylish in Denim”. The clothes were fun but most importantly the doll was wearing glasses. As a child I had to wear glasses all the time and I never really saw a doll or my favorite, paper dolls, wearing them!

  7. I like the Wings and Petals best, although the Walk in the Woods is a close second. They are all very pretty and well done though, so it’s hard to choose.

  8. i am totally late to this party, but i wanted to congratulate you nevertheless ~ 65 marisols! holy cow! that’s just amazing.

    my favorite (though it was hard to choose), is the nineteen-tens one. it’s those little shoes. i can’t get over how cool they are!

    : D

  9. I just discovered this website a few days ago, and I just wanted to say thanks! I sponsor a little girl who lives in Ecuador, and she loves dolls, but I’m really limited when it comes to what I can send through customs. Paper products are allowed, so I went looking for paper dolls online, and I found Marisole. The elegant princess one has the same hair and skin color as the girl I sponsor, which is awesome. I glued the doll to cardboard and cut it out, then cut out a ton of the outfits you’ve designed, and I’m mailing it all today as a Christmas/New Years gift. 🙂

  10. Omg I so love marisole monday elegant princess , when I print them she will be the princess of the WORLD!!!!!!! 😀

  11. I can’t decide between Elegant princess or Yellow princess!
    65 MARISOLE? OMG! how can you stay dedicated for so long? if I started something like this I would like totally drop out after like 2 weeks or something!

    1. Well, I saw her crown as being an accessory, like her trunk or her book. However, if you wanted her to wear it, than I would recommend adding very long tabs and wrapping around her head and then taping the ends together, like a flattened tube.

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