Curves: Fairy Tale Princess


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On Saturday, I went to a nearby town, had dinner and then went to the drive in movie. It’s one of the few drive-in’s left in operation. We saw the new X-men movie which was quite uninspired and rather awful (though the actor who played Magneto was really quite stellar, tragically the rest of the cast was not).

Besides which, and this is going to sound nit-picky, but the film is supposed to be set in the sixties. While the men’s clothing was perfectly fine, most of the women were costumed in stuff whose only relation to the fashions of the 1963 was the fact that some had miniskirts (which didn’t really get going until 1966) , with the exception of Emma Frost, who looked a bit like the similarly named Emma Peel. Being a big fan of Emma Peel, I was not about to object.

I’m all for miniskirts, but really…

Of course, I say this while posting a paper doll which has absolutely no relation to any real historical costume what-so-ever. She’s a fairy tale princess. Does she need to be at all historical? I think not. I suppose the same argument could be made for superheros…

Be that as it may, I’m still annoyed by the mini-skirts.

However, I am now thinking about the idea of an Avengers paper doll. Jumpsuits, cut outs… could be an awful lot of fun.


  1. Well, personally, I think it’s alright to be nit-picky about fashions when you’re dealing with real life events. They could have at least been historically accurate given that they were talking about the cuban missile crisis.

  2. Aw, come on… James McAvoy was excellent as Prof. X, too. But the rest of the cast pretty much stank. I am SO mad that lil miss can’t act (Jennifer Lawrence), who played Mystique, was also cast as Katniss in the upcoming Hunger Games movie!

  3. I dunno. McAvoy didn’t do anything for me. I saw Jennifer Lawrence in other things and been impressed by her. I tend to think the writing for Mystique just sucked. Anyway, it was all in all an uninspiring movie (a pity considering the reviews were so positive).

    The pity with the costuming, Sara, wasn’t for me the lack of historical accuracy exactly, but rather that I think costumes should be used to say something about the context and culture of the film. In a time as obsessed with “belonging” and being part of the community as the early-1960’s, I think a lot could have been done with cut, color and style to really develop the idea of how the mutants are not part of the community. The costumes just felt… blah. They were saying nothing and that was unfortunate.

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