Puck: Dillon

So, I got to have an epic adventure today. I tried to clean my scanner bed. Recently, I have been getting dust marks on my scans and since I’ve never actually cleaned the scanner bed, I decided I should do so.

This is what I learned: Cleaning a scanner bed is scary.


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Maybe I’m just a coward, but I’ve had the same scanner since freshman year of college and while I love my scanner, it’s fairly cranky. I could probably afford a new one by now, but since it still works I don’t see the point in replacing it. Anyway, I was scared of somehow damaging it. After reading all sorts of horror stories on the internet, I finally got up the nerve to spray a little cleaner on my rag and rub it on the bed and then let the bed dry.

Of course, nothing went wrong and the scans are coming out much clearer now. I wonder what I was so worried about. The mind can be a funny thing sometimes, I think.

Today’s paper doll is another Puck paper doll. Someone remarked that his arms are a bit long which is true or his legs are a bit short, I haven’t decided which yet. Now, of course, I must decide if I want to re-draw him and there fore render useless the several other Punk paper dolls I’ve already drawn and scanner for later use or maybe do some other male paper doll. I haven’t decided what to do yet with him.

Oh, and I have a poll.

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  1. He does seem a bit sad… or pensive. Both maybe, like he’s worried about wether or not his biceps look good in a certain light or if his weave looks tacky or not.

  2. My boy loves to cut and I’d love to present him with several pages of dolls that are boys like him. This one is cute, but do you have more?

    1. I don’t draw a lot of male paper dolls to be honest. I don’t think I’m very good at them and their clothing isn’t as interesting to me as female clothing, but here is a list of the Puck paper dolls that I have made and they should be able to share clothing.

      Pixie & Puck: Kadeem and Gabriel Ready for Dates

      Pixie & Puck: Blossom and Pavall
      (Pavall was drawn by a wonderful reader and he might not fit the same clothing as the other Puck paper dolls. I think he’s a little bit smaller. I should have double checked his scale before I posted him, but I didn’t.)

      I hope this helps. 🙂

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