Curves: On the High Seas

One quick announcements, before I forget. One, is that I have been getting some questions about the paper dolls and I thought it was time I added a FAQ. As always, I am reachable by email, but check the new FAQ if you have any questions. Also, if you email me, please understand that I work, I go to class and I don’t always have time to check my email every night. I do get back to people, it just takes me a little while sometimes.


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Ever since I read Treasure Island as a child, I have had a love of pirates that I can’t quite explain. Even at their most nasty (and Long John Silver is nasty), I love the ideas of high seas and high adventure. There’s something about swash-buckling that makes me smile. I blame it equally on my Mother and her love of adventure stories and my own natural inclination. Neither of these paper doll costumes has anything to do with history, but when you’re drawing a pirate paper doll, who needs history anyway?

History was fairly dark and full of nasty things like rickets. I prefer my pirates Hollywood style and rickets-free.

One of the things I have started doing is adding tabs to the Curves paper dolls when I draw them rather than later with Photoshop. I don’t think anyone but me can tell the difference and I think it saves time when I actually scan the paper dolls since I don’t have to add tabs as well as re-size, clean up and futz with. It may be the only time that is saved in psychological, but I’m okay with that. Anything to make me more likely to keep up to date with my posting.


  1. Hi, just got my computer back. Malware is evil.
    I think is interesting that pirates often wore pieces of woman’s clothing that where made of rich or fine clothe (silk, velvets, linen, lace,any fine fabric they could get their hands on). It’s nice to be back on line.

  2. Her hair is very cool. While I don’t have your love for pirates (Probably not helped by living in an area where our college teams are Pirates. They are everywhere.), Curves doesn’t look half bad as one.

    I read through your FAQ which is pretty well written (Not a surprise, you are clearly intelligent.) and through. Except I didn’t see any mention to your older PD sites. Which were important to me because I could see that I was not the one person my age who liked paper dolls, there was at least one other somewhere in Alaska. I’ve stumbled across others on the web over time, but Darkened Shards was when I didn’t feel alone in my interest anymore. (Most of my friends thought it was weird.) I still have a stack of Garbage Girl print outs with the rest of my paper doll collection.

    Sorry for the nostalgic ramble, I suppose what I wanted to say is thank you for going online and sticking around.

  3. Oh man, I haven’t thought about Darkened Shards in a long time. Wow. I should mention it in the FAQ, and I think I will add a section on it. The fact is I’ve long since lost all the files for that project though I think I still have the hard copies of some of the work stuck in my parents garage. I was such an angst ridden 15 year old… I mean, who named a paper doll website Darkened Shards? Really… 🙂

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