Medieval Maiden: Paper Doll to Print

Normally, I try to be historical accurate as much as I can be. I think it’s important to research and think about things and try to cite my sources. (I am in library school, after all…) For this post though, I just wanted to draw some vaguely Medieval looking grab for Marisole after watching one to many episodes of the BBC show Cadfeal, which I confess I certain love of. So, these are research free costumes which I think is okay.


{Click Here for a PDF to Print} {Click Here for a PNG to Print} {Click Here for the rest of this series}

┬áLiana apparently dedicates the whole of October to research free costumes. I kinda like the idea, but I don’t think I could stick too it. I like my research,

So, speaking of research, I am doing my own little survey on what I should to for my Fashion Doll Fridays for the next year or so. More information about the poll to create a new Fashion Doll for Fridays can be found on the last Florence post I did. The poll will be open until November 1st. I’ll have the polls on the posts for the rest of the week and then it’ll live in the sidebar for anyone who hasn’t voted.


  1. I think the blue dress is my favorite with the belt/bag thing. I don’t want you to end Florence, but you should do what you want cause it’s your blog and you have to be happy. And I think a regency/empire paper doll would be really cool.

  2. Love, Love your paper dolls but since I can’t print them out in color is there a way you can have color and black and white? Happy holidays!

    1. Hi, Susan. I’m so glad you like the paper dolls. I have begun this year (2012) posting many of my dolls in both black and white and in color. I made the decision not to go back and re-do old work, because it would take away from my ability to do new work.

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