Curves: Under the Sea

Curves Mermaid

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Mermaids and I have a mixed relationship. On one hand, I really think they look pretty. On the other hand, I don’t think I can draw tails to save my life. The result is that I always think the idea of mermaids is great, but the reality usually doesn’t make me happy. But I think if you don’t try new things and stretch then you can not learn, so here we have me stretching.

Yes… that’s my excuse.

So, a new paper doll blog that was pointed out to me is Vee’s Paper Dolls which are darling and then on Monday, Liana linked Cutout Couture which has a fantastic name. I mean, I kinda think my blog title sounds like I either can’t properly pluralize my Latin or I have multiple personality disorder and paper dolling is my therapy (one of these is true… or both… you decide). I know I’ve gotten some requests to comment on other people’s work and I do try to comment on blogs when I can/when I remember, but I usually don’t remember to comment even when I do check out people’s blogs.

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  1. Love it! ^^ She has great mermaidy hair.

    I like drawing the tail part, myself But then when I get to the fin part I’ve usually expended most of my energy on the tail and the accessories. And you can tell, too ^^;;

  2. Panda Pix 27, I did link you already, I think. But you’re welcome to drop me an Email with your website address if I got it wrong. (I do sometimes).

    Thanks, Liana and Lizzy, the hair was one of the more successful aspects of this Curves set I think.

    I agree that fins are really hard. I wish I’d had some fish photos to reference while I was trying. I want to do a full color Marisole mermaid paper doll one of these days, but I haven’t gotten around to it. Someday.

  3. I like both tails and tops. Her hair is lovely. I really love the curve line. I though that Marisole set was nice and the colors were nicely vivid.

  4. Based on years of commercial fishing, we believe your tails are perfect; however, in all those years, we have never really caught a mermaid. So, who really knows?

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