Snow Day: Printable Paper Doll

So, sometimes I don’t know what to draw. On these occasions, I usually poll friends looking for ideas. In one night, I might get suggests ranging from “ballerina” to “mad scientist” or “snow day”. Obviously, I decided to go with the “snow day” suggestion and I was told that I “had” to add a snowball and a snowman, so Marisole gets her snowman and her snowball.

{Click Here for a PDF to Print} {Click Here for a PNG to Print} {Click Here for the rest of this series}

When I was a child, my favorite paper dolls had accessories. I don’t think I’m that good at drawing things other then people to do a lot of accessories, but even I can draw a snowball. I’d like to someday draw other accessories for Marisole. I think she needs a pet, but I can’t decide what kinda pet and drawing animals isn’t my gift. We’ll see.

Edit 1/6/2014: Get a colorable version of this paper doll to print here.


  1. I think the marisole’s are my favorite paperdolls!!

    (I am on a weird keybaord, so if my spelling is messed up, sorry!) =]
    I like all of the outfits. they are really coll!. The tan boots are like ones i would like to get someday. And the green caot looks like something a celebrity would wear!!


  2. She does need a pet…. You should do a Scottie dog or a Dachshund…. And of course her pets need accessories. A doggy coat perhaps? Or different collars… I have lots of ideas. 🙂

    1. I am both bad at and don’t like drawing animals, so I wouldn’t hold my breath on the chances of their being a pet. Someday, I will do a horse though.

      Because I’ve been saying that for… only three years now, I think.

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