Agent Moonlight: Superhero!

A superhero costume for the printable paper doll collection Jewels and Gemstones from Printable in color or as a coloring page.

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Thoughts on Today’s Paper Doll
Occasionally, I just sort of decide that I want to draw something random and then I do so. I know, maybe not the most exciting rational, but I have come to peace with it. I was doodling some super hero outfits and this was one of them.

I am grateful for this Superhero Name Generator, because I hate naming and titling posts.

Inspiration for Today’s Paper Doll
Um… It’s a superhero outfit? I dunno. I grew up watching the X-Men Cartoon, so I still tend to like my superheros in wacky costumes made from spandex.

Specific Source Images: Nothing really this time.

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Last Thoughts
First off, I’d like to give a shout out to my Patreon supporters, because they really do make the blog happen and I am super-duper grateful.

So, I have this robot vacuum now and I have a cat. The combination is fascinating. The cat varies between being totally calm and okay with the vacuum to deciding it is a strange invader that must be followed around the house with suspicion. She hasn’t actually attacked it yet which is for the best, I think.

The irony to me drawing superhero costumes is that I really am not into superhero comics. On the other hand, I draw a lot of things I’m not super into myself. I do enjoy the wacky color schemes and color blocking. That’s fun!

Superhero: Lightning Cloud

A colorful superhero costume for the paper dolls! Chose color or a coloring page. Mix and match with other clothing for the Jewels & Gemstone paper dolls.

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Thoughts on Today’s Paper Doll
I am not great at coming up with superhero names. Let me state that straight up, but superheroes are really popular at the moment.

When I was designing this paper doll outfit, I was not thinking of contemporary superheroes, but rather the cartoon superheroes of my youth. Lots of bright colors, spandex and implausible outfits. It was the early 1990s, after all.

As for power, I don’t know. Probably something lightening related? I mean… or a Storm from the X-men rip off. I’m flexible.

Inspiration for Today’s Paper Doll
Three of my favorite childhood cartoons were the X-men, She-Ra Princess of Power and Batman: The Animated Series. Batman was my favorite, but I have to say… man, that show was a lot darker than I remember thinking it was when I was 8.

Specific Source Images: Nothing today!.

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Last Thoughts
Has anyone noticed that “Super Hero” and “Superhero” both seem to be correct in the English language? That’s just annoying. English should really get it’s orthography sorted, darn it! (Clearly, I am such an English major.)

I owe a big thank you to the folks on Patreon. Your support means the world to me & your patience has been amazing! You’re all great.

So, I am changing things up in regards to scheduling. I am not going to promise a daily or three days a week or anything schedule. I’m doing update when I feel like it. If you want a more consistent schedule, than join Patreon. There will be a Friday paper doll outfit there every week.

A Superhero Costume Paper Doll, Because Superhero’s Should be Fashionable

A superherp paper doll costume to print for the Dames and Dandies paper dolls from paperthinpersonas.

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I think I read last October that for the first time, superhero costumes outsold princess costumes. This makes me a little sad, because I am sucker for a good princess dress. It also highlights the popularity of superheros and helps explain today’s superhero costume paper doll.

I love a good superhero movie. I happily watched Deadpool 2 last weekend and Infinity War the weekend before that. I enjoy the splash and the explosions. I like seeing things blow up and I like seeing adventure.

When I design a superhero costume for my paper dolls I try to keep things fairly neutral. I don’t really want to decide too much about the superhero powers or anything. I want the person who colors the paper doll or cuts it out to be able to decide what she can do. It should be for them to decide.

So, with this superhero costume paper doll I went with a star motif (which I tend to use) and I made a magical sword for smiting evil doers. I chose colors based on the old three color printed comics, so red yellow and blue. All bright bold primaries.

I’m not totally pleased with the color scheme, but I think it works pretty well. Besides, this is just the first superhero costume paper doll, I can always make more. That’s the wonderful about paper dolls. 

Let me know what you think of today’s paper doll in a comment. I always love hearing from you guys. 

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Mini-Maiden’s As a Superhero

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Today’s Printable Paper Doll Inspirations: Superheros! And Stars!
A paper doll superhero costume coloring page for the Mini-Maiden paper doll series from

The Mini-Maidens are getting their first paper doll superhero costume. I chose a star as the symbol and create the staff/wand to be her signature item. You can decide if it is a weapon or just a stylin’ accessory.

I have a love hate relationship with the superhero genre. On one hand, I really enjoy exciting movies that require only limited brain power. On the other hand, I struggle with the common lack of repercussions in the genre. The total destruction of New York is pretty common (sometimes it is Chicago) and rarely does anyone pause to ask if the ends justify the means.

Not to mention the fact that there’s a high level of sexism in the genre with female superheros regularly depicted in way that are designed to entice men rather than empower women. And I can’t recall the last superhero film that actually passed the Bechdel test (anyone know?) and so I find that the feminist in me struggles with the genre as a whole.

Nevertheless, last year superhero costumes outsold princess costumes at Halloween, so clearly there’s a cultural shift in this direction. While some of my friends are excited, because superheros they see superheros as less problematic than princesses, I am not sure I agree. Both are problematic in their own ways, but I want to create paper dolls the reflect the world around me and the world around me is full of superheros.

Plus, my patrons the Steger Family asked for them, so there’s another reason to create some more.

Still, I’ll probably always have mixed feelings about superheros.

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Sprites as Superheroes

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Today’s Printable Paper Doll Inspirations:  The Golden Age of Superheros


Every year, I ask my Patrons to for ideas in December. I try to get to all their suggestions over the course of the year. And some of their suggestions were already in the works! That works out well for me and for them, because no one wants to wait eight months for a paper doll request to happen.

(Of course, sometimes people do, because that’s just how the cookie crumbles, but I do my best to be responsive to my Patrons.)

The Steger Family, some of my Patrons, asked for Superheroes. Well, today there are some. I don’t really know why Superheroes are required to wear absurd jumpsuits, but that seems to be the thing they do.

I try to draw what my Patron’s request. They, after all, giving me money. Join if you want to here.

When I was designing this set, I wanted to do a call back to classic comics. Back in the old days, comics could only be printed in a limited collection of colors- red, blue, yellow and black. Back in those days, the colors were printed as tiny dots and the dots overlapped each other creating the other colors.

The limitations of this printing style often meant that the color schemes for heroes and villains were very boldly defined by their colors. The Joker, for example, wears green and purple. Superman wears red and blue for the same reason. As a nod to that practice, I wanted to do this set of Sprites paper dolls in a limited color collection.

I was inspired to draw this set when I read that Superheroes out sold Princesses for Halloween in 2016. I have no idea where I read it, but there you go.

Looking for some Sprite paper dolls to wear these outfits? Pick out Sprite paper dolls here.

Puck as a Super Hero… In Full Color

I’ve never really gotten into superhero comics unless you count Deadpool or watching the Batman cartoon when I was a kid. When I do read comics, I stick to the compilations and some of my favorites have been Lucifer and Hellblazer, and of course, Sandman, but then, who doesn’t like Sandman?


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So, for the coloring of my superheros, I decided to go with simple primary and secondary colors without a lot of complicated depth. I wanted to reproduce a little of the feel of the old fifties comics, before computer printing made a lot of depth possible. I think I will always think of comics as being bright flat color, even though I know there are some wonderful and skilled artists who bring so much more to the genre. I’m sensitive enough to color that badly colored or art I don’t like, can ruin a comic for me.


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Needless to say, I really enjoyed drawing this set and I hope I will get to draw more sets like it in the future.

After I finished it, I did a little digging looking for other paper dolls aimed at boys and I found this nice list of free paper dolls for boys. And though it’s not a paper doll, I think one of my favorites was this paper city of paris. As I have mentioned before, I am a sucker for unusual and interesting paper toys of all kinds, paper dolls are just my favorites.

Puck Paper Dolls… For Boys?

Back in May, a reader named Harper told me that I would make a little four year old boy really happy if I did this set. Since I’m always in favor of making small children happy (and because I always need Puck ideas) I decided to go for it. Here we have two Puck superheros in black and white. Tomorrow they will go up in full color, so that people who prefer their paper dolls in color can get their fix as well.


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I am going to confess right now that I have no real idea if the cape will really work. I tested it once with scrap paper and it sort of worked… I think the application of tape might assist in it’s functionality for the average child. Sorry about that. It seemed like a cool idea at the time, but in hindsight, perhaps it needed more testing. I usually try not to post things which I know don’t really work quite right. Placement of the slits might also need to be altered to accommodate the tabs properly.


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Additionally, I’d like to wish a very Happy Hanukkah to those readers who, like me, will be lighting candles tonight and mumbling things in Hebrew while trying to fake remembering all the words to those darn prayers you only say once a year. (Maybe I’m the only one who fumbles through the second verse, but surely, I’m not.)

Anyway, best wishes, happy holidays and feel free to drop me a note in the comments. I love hearing from you guys (and see… eventually I do actually do the ideas people suggest… it just takes some time.)