A Mermaid for the 2017 Collaborative Paper Doll Project

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Today’s Printable Paper Doll Inspirations: Mermaids! Because I like ’em.

So, this isn’t as inspired as Sekhmet by Boots or Julie Williams amazing centaur or Miss Missy’s Lamia/Naga, but this month has been crazy, so I went for a mermaid.

I like mermaids.

The truth is that I was sick at the start of this week and then I had some blog related problems, but I have been assured those are fixed.

However, if anyone has an issue, please email me at paperthinpersonas(at)gmail.com. It seems the blocking issue was only impacting people in specific geographic regions, so it was really hard to track down.

Of course, when the blog is down, I tend to stress out about it and it makes it hard to want to create new content. Luckily, things should be back to normal next week.

This collaborative paper doll project has been so much fun. When we came up with the idea, I confess that I wasn’t sure we’d be able to make it through the whole year, but here we are in June and we’re still going!

That’s very exciting.

Be sure to check out Popculture and Paper DollsMiss. Missy and Paper Doll School for three other literature inspired paper doll outfits.

Need a doll to wear this stylish outfit? Grab the Doll here. 

Faye as a Printable Mermaid Paper Doll

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Today’s Printable Paper Doll Inspirations: Mermaids! Because I like Mermaids… & My Patrons Asked for Them
A mermaid paper doll coloring page with a tail and two tops. Free to print from paperthinpersonas.com.
Several patrons asked for more fantasy things in 2017, specifically non-human races. So, mermaids!

In a strictly practical sense I have no idea why mermaids would wear clothes. In the ocean, that hardly seems to provide easy movement around the ocean and I tend to be of the view that since modesty is a social construct defined differently by various cultures, I don’t really see why mermaids would have the same concept of modesty as we have in the modern Western world.

In short, I don’t think mermaids would wear clothing if they actually exist.

However, since I am in the business of drawing paper dolls, not writing a thesis on the socio-cultural assumptions that underly how mythological creatures are depicted, I decided to draw clothing. After all, without clothing, mermaid paper dolls are just kinda dull.

I actually really enjoy drawing mermaid paper doll tails, but they take a little bit of work. They are only of the only things that I always draft full-sized before I try to draw them on the nice sketchbook paper. The reasoning is how easy it is to get the curve of the tail wrong and then it looks like it is broken or off. Plus, you have to cover the whole dolls legs which takes some extra work.

I chose Faye to be the mermaid today, because I haven’t done a Faye paper doll in a while and she was the first of the Mini-Maidens, so I think she deserves some love.

I mean, I haven’t done one since November 2016.

And that’s all I have to say about today’s mermaid. Tune in tomorrow for the first of a pair of Sprites paper dolls and probably not another post in which I’ll get to write the phrase “socio-cultural assumptions that underly how mythological creatures are depicted” which is a pity.

As always, I love to hear what y’all think of today’s paper doll. So, let me know in a comment.

Need a more outfits for today’s Mini-Maiden Paper Doll? Find More Clothing Here

Mini-Maiden Mermaid Paper Dolls Going Deep Into the Sea

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Today’s Printable Paper Doll Inspirations: Patron Requests for Mermaids and Liana’s Paper Dolls
A mermaid paper doll coloring page for the Mini-Maiden printable paper doll series. From paperthinpersonas.com.
I was asked by two Patrons, Cathy W. and the Steger family to make more fairy tale and mermaid paper dolls. So, I decided to finally get around to a posting a paper doll I drew last year. When I create mermaid paper dolls, I always think of Liana’s mermaids.

Who was Liana? You wonder, well, she ran a site called Liana’s Paper Dolls and created the best mermaid paper dolls. The mermaids of Liana of Liana’s Paper Dolls. Her mermaids weren’t just beautiful and innovative, this black tailed adventurer mermaid was a favorite of mine, but also had amazing detail stories about the world that mermaids came from.

If you’re new to the paper doll website world and you’ve never spent anytime on her site, you really should. She’s not updating these days, but there’s plenty of backlog and her art is really outstanding. I would suspect that there would be no other paper doll blogs (and certainly this site wouldn’t exist) if not for Liana’s Paper Doll blog.

Any of my paper doll blogging friends feel the same way?

Frankly I’m not good with coming up with personal stories about my paper dolls. I rarely think of them that way. I sometimes think about time period or technology level, but I tend to think on a society level rather than on a personality level. For example, I love writing pseudo Victorian descriptions for my steampunk outfits (like this one), but I can’t imagine trying to decide the personality of the doll.

Bios like these Boots writes are just impossible for me to imagine.

I think this is okay though. The world would be super boring if we were all alike.

Meanwhile, I’m still running a sale on the blog’s Etsy Store. There a coupon code good for 25% off an order of 4.00 or more until the end of March. Use the code: READER2017

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Need a Mini-Maiden paper doll to wear today’s outfit? Pick a Mini-Maiden Paper Doll Here.

Ursula & Zarchary Under the Sea: A Last Pair of Tails

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Paper doll mermaids get some wonderful paper tails! Free to print for the Sprites paper doll series from paperthinpersonas.com.

While I liked all the mermaid paper doll tails this week, I’ll confess openly that this is my favorite set of the bunch. It seems fitting to end the week on my favorite, doesn’t it?

Zachary’s tail was based on the eel and then Ursula’s tail as made to match. Of course, any of the Sprites can wear these tails.

I ran out of shirts for Zachary, so he doesn’t get one this round, but Ursula gets two to make up for it. And he does get a stylish knife and trident, though I suppose either of them could be wielding those weapons. I thought of him when I made them.

As I said with several of the other mermaid tails, I would recommend strongly adding floating tabs to the back of the tails as needed to secure them to the paper doll’s body. Also, if you missed Zachary and Ursula, I posted them on Monday. Any of the Sprites Dolls can wear these tails or any of the other tails! You can see the whole week’s work below.

Mix and Match Black Mermaid Paper Dolls!

I posted a blog on my Patreon page about finding inspiration a couple of days ago. You can read it over there for the next few days, but I’m closing it to non-Patrons on Monday. So hop over there and consider joining if you’s like to support the blog.

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Ursula & Zarchary Under the Sea: More Mermaid Tails

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A pair of paper doll mermaid tails with tops for the Sprite paper doll series. Also available in black and white. Free to print from paperthinpersonas.com.

May I make a confession? I always liked my mermaids more dark and creepy than sweet an innocent. A lot more drowning sailors and a lot less singing songs with hermit crabs.

However, I’m not really good at drawing creepy paper dolls, so these are a bit more “singing songs with hermit crabs” than they are “drowning sailors.”

If you missed the paper dolls to wear theses colorful mermaid tails then slip over to Monday’s post for them, but any of the Spite paper dolls can fit the tails. I should also mention that the tails may need floating tabs to be really secure. I confess I didn’t play-test them.

If you want paper doll updates on Twitter, I’ve split my person and “blog” twitter accounts, so follow here:@paperpersonas. And if you like the blog, than consider becoming a Patron.

All right my readers, how do you like your mermaids? Sweet and musical or dark and creepy?

Ursula & Zachary Under the Sea: Mermaids Tails!

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Mermaid tails and tops for the Sprites paper doll series. Also available in black and white. Free to print from paperthinpersonas.com

As promised, today we have mermaid tails and the shirt that inspired this entire set. There are shirts like this all over the interwebs, but I liked the idea of a modern mermaid with a tongue in cheek style who wears a printed shirt with seashells, rather than the “real” thing. So, all my mermaid tops this week will be based on bikinis rather then the assumption that mermaids simply wear seashells.

Because, honestly, am I the only one who imagines wearing hard seashells as a bra would be really really uncomfortable? I bet any smart mermaid would take a well made swimsuit top in an instant.

Designing male paper doll mermaid tops is a little harder. I think they would mostly get in the way, but in the interest of being fair to Zachary and Ursula, I have included one.

If you missed the paper dolls to wear theses smashing tails then hop over to Monday’s post for them.

Today is also National Coloring Book Day, apparently. I don’t really get the appeal of coloring books (try as I might), but if you’re looking for a paper doll coloring page than here are all of mine. Even the posts that only show a colored version, there is a black and white version linked in the post, just like the black and white version for this set which is at the top of the post. (I hope that makes sense.)

If you want paper doll updates on Twitter, I’ve split my person and “blog” twitter accounts, so follow here:@paperpersonas.

Ursula & Zachary Under the Sea: Mermaid Paper Dolls (Tails to Come!)

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{More Sprites Paper Dolls}

A pair of black paper dolls with blue hair and multi-colored dreadlocks.

I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking, “Mermaid paper dolls? Where are the tails?”

So, yeah, there are no tails. This wasn’t my original plan.

My original plan was to have Zachary with a tail on Monday and Ursula with a tail on Tuesday. Then to post joint outfits for them on the following days. I thought this was a great plan, until I realized I could not fit the tail and the Zachary paper doll on the same page together. It simply did not fit.

And to think my layout problems were a thing of the past? Sigh.

So, instead we get two paper dolls and a promise of tails tomorrow. I swear these are mermaids. They’re just tailless mermaids.

Reminder that the black and white versions are linked up at the top of the post, if anyone is looking for it.

Anyway, Zachary and Ursula are both from the Sprites series which I introduced WAY back in January. As some of you may recall, I have been naming the Sprite faces in reverse alphabetical and I had gotten to the letter U, so Ursula it was.

I realized later that making the first Ursula paper doll a mermaid does bring up connotations of Disney’s A Little Mermaid, but that wasn’t my intention. I named the paper doll LONG before I picked out a theme and I could have started with a modern set, but mermaids were more fun. Her hair was inspired by this pin of a woman with teal hair on Pinterest.

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Marisole Monday: Beneath the Waves in Black and White


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So… slightly slacker post from me today. I as out of town last week in Alabama and just got back. I prepped this while sitting in the Chicago airport waiting to get on a plane to go home. I posted Beneath the Waves in color last year in June. I found the file and decided to put it up in color. I have been getting more and more requests for paper dolls to color, so here is another one.

I love spring when the rains come and the paper doll blogs are in bloom. Actually, I joke, but I have stumbled across a few new blogs over the last few days. My latest find is called Miss Missy Paper Dolls, slightly unnerving for me since I have a good friend named Missy, never the less, I am enjoying the posts as I work my way through her archive. I recommend her blog to those of us who like such things (and if you don’t like such things, what the heck are you doing here anyhow?).

New Free Printable Magnetic Paper Dolls for Hanukkah


Four of the six free printable Flock paper dolls are shown above, posing on my refrigerator
So, this was supposed to go up yesterday, but life got busy with travel.

Still, better late than never we have a new set of printable magnetic paper dolls in time for last minute gift giving (four of them are pictured above- my printer decided it really really didn’t want to keep printing magnetic sheets after I got through these ones, so the other two are waiting). As you can see, they have taken over my freezer door. In response to suggestions from some readers, I made the new Flock magnetic paper dolls larger for smaller hands to easily handle. There’s nothing specifically Hanukkah about the design, but I thought mermaids were a fun and fairly universal.

Anyway, I just bought a tin for my Flock paper dolls at the dollar store during a round of last minute shopping, though due to their larger size I recommend either printing one out on regular printer paper to take with you for sizing purposes or bringing the printed magnetic doll with you. Yes, you might get some funny looks (I did), but its good to know the paper doll will fit. When I was out tin shopping, I found these framesless magnetic whiteboards from Micheals for less then five dollars a piece. They will free up my fridge for important family photos and reminders.

Now, if you want to do something a little more festive (and who doesn’t?), Make it and Love it has this wonderful tutorial making magnetic paper dolls and then using on a cookie sheet for a play surface. She even show how to make a cover for the cookie sheet with fabric. The idea of covering the cookie sheet with fabric is ingenious. For kids, a magnetic cookie sheet might be the best option- it’s got a ridge around the edge to hold the pieces in place and they could play with it on the floor.

Just remember, that not all cookies sheets, tins or white boards are magnetic and the stronger the magnetism, the easier and better the paper dolls work. One of the reasons I like printable magnetic sheets over stick on magnetic sheets is that they seem to be stronger magnets.

The Flock Magnetic Mermaid Paper Doll Set

Our first Flock set consists of six dolls, six pairs of shoes, There is also a set of tails and a set of dresses for when the mermaids are on land and not in the ocean.


The Mermaid Set PDF Downloads

thumb-flock-dove-mermaid thumb-flock-oriole-mermaid thumb-flock-phoebe-mermaid
Dove PDF Download Oriole PDF Download Phoebe PDF Download
thumb-flock-robin-mermaid thumb-flock-starling-mermaid thumb-flock-wren-mermaid
Robin PDF Download Starling PDF Download Wren PDF Download
thumb-flock-mermaid-dresses thumb-flock-mermaid-tails
Dresses PDF Download Tails PDF Download



Marisole Monday: Beneath the Waves

I was going to call this post Under the Sea, but I called my last mermaid paper doll Under the Sea. I didn’t think I could use the name twice, so I did the best I could with another, basically the same name. Synonyms… wonderful things.


{Click Here for a PDF to Print} {Click Here for a PNG to Print} {Click Here for the rest of this series}

It took me a long time to decide to do a mermaid version of Marisole. It was requested by a few different people, but I put it off since I wasn’t sure how to make tails work with the paper doll’s leg pose. In the end, I drafted both tails in full size several times, before settling on these designs. I wanted to do one traditional green tail and one more tropical exotic tail in the colors of my pet beta fish, Levi. (His full name is Levithan, but I call him Levi for short.) He has more blue in him then the pink and gold of the tail, but I liked the bright colors and though the pale yellow looked wonderful with the pink.

I strongly recommend taking an exact-o knife, or a pair of scissors, and cutting up along the side of the paper doll’s body between her arm and stomach. That way the tops and tails will both fit much better. The placement of the right arm is one of my major frustrations with Marisole. She needs to be redesigned, but that isn’t going to happen anytime soon.

Edit: This paper doll is now available in black and white to be colored.