Happy 4th of July!

A 4th of July patriotic paper doll gown with stars and stripes for the curvy Jewels and Gemstones paper dolls.

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Thoughts on Today’s Paper Doll
Growing up in Southeast Alaska, the 4th of July was a really big deal. There was always a parade, multiple barbecues and fireworks. I have many fond memories of spending the holiday with family and friends and at least one bonfire.

So, I always try to make a paper doll for the 4th of July. For the last few years, that has been just shorts and a thematic t-shirt, but this year I wanted to do something different, so we have a patriotic  evening gown.

Inspiration for Today’s Paper Doll
Hmmm…. I drew this one super fast, so I’m not sure really where it came from. I didn’t want to do another pair of shorts and a t-shirt.

Specific Source Images: Nothing really this time!

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Last Thoughts
I hope everyone has a wonderful and safe holiday!

Tomorrow, there will be a another paper doll outfit (a fantasy ballgown) for my Patrons. Join now!


Sweet Lolita Valentine’s Day

A Valentine's Day inspired Lolita paper doll outfit.

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Thoughts on Today’s Paper Doll
In the world of Lolita fashion (which is a street fashion from Japan), the outfits are called coordinates. This references the extreme level of coordination each outfit entails. Unlike in contemporary US fashion where “matchy-matchy” isn’t a good thing, Lolita fashion encourages thematic dresses.

A strawberry coordinate, therefore, might not just have a dress with strawberries on it, but strawberry purse, cardigan, shoes, tights and a color matched wig.

This is, in fact, part of what I find so charming about Lolita fashion.

So, today’s Valentine’s Day paper doll outfit is a heart based coordinate. I could have also done a card, letter based coordinate, but I wasn’t that creative.

Inspiration for Today’s Paper Doll
Sweet Lolita is today’s theme which is a Lolita style that most folks are most familiar with. Lots of pastel and things. I chose to draw a JSK (jumper-skirt) over a white blouse. Initially, I thought about making these pieces separate, but as it turned out that didn’t work very well from a paper doll engineering standpoint.

Specific Source Images: This JSK (jumper-skirt) from Angelic Pretty. This purse from MILK.

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Last Thoughts

If you really like all things Lolita, I’ve done two other sets for the Jewels and Gemstones. One in Sailor style and one in Qi Lolita for my Patrons.

Tomorrow there will be a classic Lolita set (another genre in the Lolita world) and that’ll wrap up this week.

Ruby Celebrates the New Year

Today's paper doll is a redhead with a gown based on the Marchesa designs, purses and matching shoes. She can be printed in color or in black and white.

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Thoughts on Today’s Paper Doll
I try to walk a line between being specific in each of my paper doll designs and being general. So, today’s formal gown and shoes are both coordinated, but I chose colors and styles that could be worn with other future evening wear. I don’t have any more paper doll evening wear yet, but I will eventually. It’s not like this is the only paper doll with an evening gown I plan to draw ever.

Plus, I think her hair style could be either steampunk or wedding or evening or… there’s a lot of options in that hairstyle.

Also, can someone explain to me why evening clutches are always too small to actually hold anything useful? Sometimes a girl needs more than just lipstick and her phone.

Inspiration for Today’s Paper Doll
The name Ruby, because that seemed so fitting for a redhead paper doll. Cliche perhaps, but I can live with that. Plus I do love redhead paper dolls. Always have.

Something about New Years always makes me think formal gowns and when it comes to formal gowns, I love gowns by Marchesa.

Specific Source Images: Sofia Vergara’s 2016 Oscar Gown by Marchesa & this Wedding Hairstyle from my Hair Pinterest Board

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Last Thoughts
I hope everyone who has today off is having a lovely New Years day.

There is unique content on Patreon, including a totally an exclusive Friday paper doll.

As always, I love to hear what folks are thinking in the comments. Do you love redhead paper dolls as much I do?

Paper Doll Collaboration December 2018 Ugly Holiday Sweaters!

A black and white paper doll coloring page of a Hanukkah sweater, pants and shoes from paperthinpersonas.com.
Black and White Paper Doll PDF Paper Doll Collaboration 2018

This month’s collaborative theme was Ugly Sweaters of the holiday theme. I, being Jewish, settled on an ugly Hanukkah sweater. I chose this design, but I confess I’m not sure the menorah is obviously a menorah. None the less, I had a good time designing it.

This is the last Collab paper doll for 2018! And on Monday the 31st, there will be a new paper doll series debuting. I couldn’t be more excited (and nervous) about that.

As usual, Paper Doll School and Miss Missy Paper Dolls also have Collaborative Paper Doll Project posts up and I can’t wait to see their ugly holiday sweaters. I love sweaters, though I don’t own any holiday sweaters.

Next year, there will be another paper doll collab project. I’ll share details just as soon as me and my cohorts make some final decisions.

Need a paper doll to wear these clothes? Grab her and more clothing here.

Happy Halloween!

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Just in case last Friday’s sheet ghost wasn’t your idea of a best Halloween paper doll ever. I wanted to create something else. So, here we have a bit more Gothic fashion take on the holiday. The only thing that really makes these “Halloween” is the color scheme, so you could recolor the black and white version if you wanted a more traditional Gothic fashion version.

I have been trying to do a paper doll for most holidays with the Dames and Dandies series, because I have such fond memories of my Grandmother sending me paper doll holiday cards when I was a child.

I have a Thanksgiving version planned and I want to do something for Veteran’s Day. I’ve never done a paper doll for that holiday before, but I think a World War 2 ladies uniform would be super fun to draw. (Or a World War I ambulance uniform, those intrigue me too.)

I digress.

So, anyway, the A pose paper dolls here are are getting corsets and long skirts for their Halloween attire.

What are people dressing up as? I confess I’ve never been a big Halloween person. I do like handing out candy, but ever since I moved into an apartment I don’t seem to ever get tricker-treaters.

It makes me kinda sad.

Anyway, it’s probably best I don’t have a big bag of candy in my house anyway. I would end up eating more of it than the kids, I suspect.

If you need a way to pass the time waiting for young ghouls or goblins, why not color or cut out Halloween paper dolls? It keeps up manual dexterity and is a lot of fun. You can see all the blog’s Halloween paper dolls in that tag.

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The October 2018 Paper Doll Collab: Halloween Costume

A ghostly paper doll costume to color for the paper doll collab project 2018.

Black and White Paper Doll PDF Paper Doll Collaboration 2018

October has turned into a rougher month than I expected it to be. I know Eliot argued that April was the cruelest month, but personally I have found this October to be brutal. There have been some upsides (I have been enjoying my Inktober paper doll creation), but I am pretty ready to slide into November, thank you.

So, when it came time for the collaborative paper doll theme of Halloween costume, I had no ideas. I tried. I doodled. I looked around Pinterest. And yet… nothing came. So, in the end, I decided on the simplest, most cop-out Halloween costume I could think of- A sheet ghost!

(All right, I do know this isn’t going down as one of my most inspired paper doll outfits, but not every one can be a fancy gown with lots of ruffles.)

If you want to see more “Halloween costumes” (and probably some that are more… interesting than mine) head over to Paper Doll School and Miss Missy Paper Dolls. I can’t wait to see what they’ve done with this theme.

Need a paper doll to wear these clothes? Grab her and more clothing here.

4th of July Paper Doll Clothing!

A set of 4th of July paper dolls from paperthinpersonas.com.

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Happy 4th of July to those who celebrate!

I am back home in Alaska for the 4th and I am very excited about it. There will be fireworks at 12:01am on the Fourth, because it doesn’t get dark until then in Alaska. I am very excited about that. There’s always a big bon fire on the beach as well.

I decided to do a set of contemporary summery clothing for my 4th of July themed paper doll clothing set. I realized quickly that shorts and a t-shirt didn’t seem like quite “enough” so I drew an outfit for each of the Dames and Dandies paper dolls.

For the A pose, I did shorts and a boat-necked shirt. For the B pose, I did a blue dress with white polka-dots. For the C pose, guys I drew surf shorts and a t-shirt. All summer time clothing.

Anyway, enjoy the 4th of July if you are celebrating (or just have a wonderful Wednesday) either way!

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