A Curvy Fire Slinging Sorceress & The First Dress of a New Project

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Today’s Printable Paper Doll Inspirations:Fire & Ancient Greek Fashion
A fire inspired paper doll dress with matching boots. Part of the Sorceress Gowns' Project from paperthinpersonas.com. Free to print in color or black and white.

A fire inspired paper doll dress with matching boots. Part of the Sorceress Gowns' Project from paperthinpersonas.com. Free to print and color.

You know what every paper doll needs? Sorceress outfits!

As some of you may recall, I posted the first part of my creatively named   on April 10th. You can read that post here

My first four gowns (three of which are done) are all based on the elements- fire, water, air and earth. I have fire, water and air all finished. Earth is… well, giving me some trouble.

I have faith I will finish it eventually.

Each gown has two accessories- a staff to channel magical power and a pair of boots.

Today’s fire gown was inspired by ancient Greek dress. I start most of my paper doll creations with a thumbnail doodle and I did the same here. Then I expanded the doodle into a full on paper doll dress.

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Marisole Monday & Friends: Ancient Greek Fantasy Gown

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Today’s Printable Paper Doll Inspirations: Ancient Greek Dress, Corsets, Lyres and Pale Aqua

A ancient greek inspired paper doll fantasy gown with a corset and lute.

So, I have been spending some time with my big paper doll index and I have noticed there are a few tags with very few items in them. I don’t think everything has to be even, but I was surprised at how few Ancient Greek Inspired pieces of paper doll art I have posted. The last one was back in 2013. So, just like I created an Astronaut and a Ninja recently to try to flesh out those areas, I decided to dabble in the world of Ancient Greek inspiration.

Therefore today’s fantasy gown was inspired by Ancient Greek clothing, particularly the peplos which was women by women and fasten at the shoulders. Because I have a fondness in my heart for corsets, I added one over the top and her accessories are a scroll and a lyre, because everyone needs a lyre, don’t they?

Plus, they didn’t have codex format in Ancient Greece, so scrolls it is.

Other paper doll light tags include Russia inspired, cyborgs and ballet. Which one of those should I work on next? Let me know in a comment if you have an opinion, just remember: I always reserve the right to ignore suggestions and, of course, things take a long long time to go from idea to finished paper doll.

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Pixie and Puck: Miana

This post will go up midnight on Sunday, so you all can print her out and play with her. I will be spending my Sunday driving back to Illinois from having been in Alabama. It’s a nine hour drive back and I am not really looking forward to it. We’ve been listening to Harry Potter on audio book while we drive up through the hills and then through the flat lands and then to the soybean and corn filled land that I call home at the moment.

The hills (they call them mountains here, but they are wrong) here in Alabama are lovely, but they are nothing compared to the sort of landscape I grew up in. I suppose that little out there compares to the awesome beauty of Alaska.


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Despite my post Friday about wanting a two bedroom, I ended up with a nice one bedroom for less then I thought I would have to spend. I’ll need to buy a washing machine, but I got a break on rent because of it. There’s a balcony which I’m excited about and a nice desk spot. Hopefully I can fit a good sized desk for paper dolling and a couch in the same space.

Guests might have to sleep on the couch.

Today’s paper doll is named Miana. She’s sort of Greek inspired, but I also thought of a young woman walking down a beach with the wind whipping through her skirts. Marisole has rocked a similar style. I thought about doing Miana all in whites and things, but that seemed boring.

If you have a question that you’ve always wanted to ask me, I’m having a drawing. Ask a question and that will enter you in my drawing. On Tuesday, I will draw a name and I’ll announce it.

Curves: Goddess on Earth


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I spent a fair bit of time tonight trying to figure out how to spell goddess. I swear that word has too many Ds for my own sanity. It’s quite late and I have no excuse for this except it was 97 degrees outside today and I spent most of it hiding in my apartment and then going out for frozen custard.

There’s something fantastic about frozen custard. The real stuff which is freshly made and has eggs in it and is fantastic.

Anyway, on a non-custard related note, classes start for me again next week. I’m not really looking very much forward to them, but I am trying to tell myself its worth it. At the moment, I am feeling fairly mixed about the topic. I’ve been enjoying my class free summer. This, unfortunately, will not last.

Such is life.

Enjoy the paper doll.

Marsole Monday: Ancient Chic


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I loved Greek mythology since I was a child. Ancient Greek costume is interesting as well. I should state as a very clear disclaimer that today’s paper doll has about as much in common with Ancient Greek costume as the average Chinese take out place has with actual Chinese food. However, there are some excellent Ancient Greek costume sources available on the web. The interest in all things Ancient in the Renaissance gave rise to a whole series of pottery and sculpture studies, many of which are available online for free since they fall before the 1923 US copyright cut off date.

The Ancient Greek Costume Bibliography was my primary source. Though her start date of 1784 cuts out a lot of very early works, many of the sources are available online. I like Greek dress from 1908 and Rehberg’s Drawings faithfully copied from nature at Naples and with permission dedicated to the Right Honourable Sir William Hamilton which is a book with an insane title, but is a collection of reproductions of Roman and Greek statuary. So, those are a couple good sources to start with. I should say Rehberg’s has been reproduced a few times under different titles, so make what you will of that.

Edit 4/6/2014: This set is now available here in black and white for coloring. Yay!