Nebula Gown: Space Princess Collection

A futuristic princess gown with a armored bodice in gold and a layered skirt. Part of the Space Princess gown collection from Paper Thin Personas for the Jewels and Gemstones collection.

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Thoughts on Today’s Paper Doll
I know you’re not supposed to have favorites among your children and I probably shouldn’t have favorites among my paper dolls, but I did sort of save my favorite Space Princess Gown for last. Sure, I love them all, but today’s gown is my favorite.

I don’t know if my Patrons would agree, but I am a sucker for the high-waist and the reflective bodice which, in my head, is armored.

While I never thought Space Princesses would win the poll I gave my Patrons, I am sort of over joyed the theme won, because it has been so much fun to draw these over the top outfits.

Inspiration for Today’s Paper Doll
As some of you may recall, my affection for Space Princesses dates back to this card. My grandmother sent it to me when I was a kid and ever since, I’ve had a thing for Space Princesses. I don’t know what a space princess is… but it sure is a good excuse to draw futuristic fantasy gowns and who doesn’t want an excuse to do that?

I chose Jade as the model for the Space Princess, because there has one been one Jade paper doll on the blog so far and it was very nice and very modern and I thought… clearly, she needs a super absurd hairstyle and fantasy gown. After all, doesn’t everyone?

Specific Source Images: This gown from my Pinterest Sci-Fi fashion board.

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Last Thoughts
I have one more big piece of travel in June and then hopefully things will quiet down for a little bit. Or not. I keep thinking… soon I’ll have more paper doll time, but paper doll time has been in short supply. I am drawing a lot, but I’m not finishing much. Follow me on Instagram if you want to see my progress on the #100dayproject where I’m drawing #100daysofpaperdolls along with some other amazing artists.

There was an extra Space Princess outfit for my Patrons (join us if you like), but this is the last Space Princess piece for the moment. Maybe I’ll draw more later.

Should I draw more Space Princess content? Let me know in a comment. I love to hear from y’all.

An Elven Fantasy Gown for the Ms. Mannequin Paper Dolls

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Today’s Printable Paper Doll Inspirations:  Elves! ELVES!
Trying my hand at Lord of the Rings inspired Elven fantasy gowns for paper dolls in purple or black and white for coloring. Free to print for personal use from

When I decided to draw my elven Ms. Mannequin doll, (name), I knew I needed to also draw some elven clothing for her. For that, I turned to my favorite costuming site The Costumer’s Guide to Movie Costumes. It’s not the most updated or the flashiest, but it has a lot of photos and often photos of people who aren’t the “main character” which is handy.

Since my patrons specifically asked for LoTR inspired fantasy stuff, I wanted to honor that request. In the movies, the elves seem to have a lot of stand collars and long sleeves. Based on those trends, I designed this gown.

It is probably actually two gowns. A robe like garment over an under-gown. I imagine the robe is in something thick and soft like velvet and the under-gown is a raw silk.

Coloring today’s paper doll gown turned out to be very fun. I actually developed three different color schemes for it, before I settled on this monochromatic scheme.

But I didn’t want my other two scheme to not get any time to shine, so there’s an autumn color scheme that you can see over on the Patreon page. (Plus, you can join while your there, if you’d like). Meanwhile, on the blog’s Facebook page, there is a winter storm color scheme.

Hop to the Patreon post and the Facebook page and then tell me, which of these schemes is your favorite in a comment? I’m curious to know.

Meanwhile, there’s a coupon for my readers (Reader2017) good in my Etsy store until the end of the month. It’s 25% off.

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Mini-Maiden’s Lord of the Rings Inspired Fantasy Gown

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Today’s Printable Paper Doll Inspirations: Patron Requests for Lord of the Rings Inspired Fantasy Gowns

A Lord of the Rings dress for the mini-maiden paper doll coloring sets in black and white. Free to print from

Three of my patrons all requested Lord of the Rings style fantasy paper doll content for 2017, so Denise, Chris and Grace, this is for y’all. Now, I will confess that I find Lord of the Rings to be among the most boring books ever written. I know there are circles where this opinion would get me shot, but I can’t help it. There is so much description. I just don’t care about trees that much. Give me The Hobbit an I am a happy camper. I would far rather read it.

Still, the movies are visually stunning. So, that is where my inspiration came from for today’s Lord of the Rings dress. Specifically, I was thinking of Eowyn’s “White Wool” Gown. Personally, I wouldn’t color this white myself. I would go for a rich red or blue.

That’s just me though. Don’t let me stifle anyone’s creative juices.

Anyway, when someone says Lord of the Rings dress, I think of classic high fantasy and for me that means sleeves you could hide a small army in. A very small army, but an army none the less. Maybe a mouse army.

I digress.

As I announced yesterday, I now have an Etsy Store! Just for my blog readers, there is a coupon code good for 25% off an order of 4.00 or more until the end of March. Visit the shop and use the code: READER2017

Also, the blog has a fairly new facebook page which is pretty neat. I’m using it to show off stuff from the expansive and amazing archives of PTP. Trust me, there’s a lot of material in there.

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Marisole Monday & Friends: Ancient Greek Fantasy Gown

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Today’s Printable Paper Doll Inspirations: Ancient Greek Dress, Corsets, Lyres and Pale Aqua

A ancient greek inspired paper doll fantasy gown with a corset and lute.

So, I have been spending some time with my big paper doll index and I have noticed there are a few tags with very few items in them. I don’t think everything has to be even, but I was surprised at how few Ancient Greek Inspired pieces of paper doll art I have posted. The last one was back in 2013. So, just like I created an Astronaut and a Ninja recently to try to flesh out those areas, I decided to dabble in the world of Ancient Greek inspiration.

Therefore today’s fantasy gown was inspired by Ancient Greek clothing, particularly the peplos which was women by women and fasten at the shoulders. Because I have a fondness in my heart for corsets, I added one over the top and her accessories are a scroll and a lyre, because everyone needs a lyre, don’t they?

Plus, they didn’t have codex format in Ancient Greece, so scrolls it is.

Other paper doll light tags include Russia inspired, cyborgs and ballet. Which one of those should I work on next? Let me know in a comment if you have an opinion, just remember: I always reserve the right to ignore suggestions and, of course, things take a long long time to go from idea to finished paper doll.

If you want to see more of that process, then become a patron where there’s behind the scenes updates.

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B&B: African-American Fantasy Maiden’s Second Gown

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Today’s Printable Paper Doll Inspirations: Athena- Goddess of Wisdom, Renaissance Faires, and This Paper Doll I drew in 2013.

A fantasy paper doll gown featuring owls and puffy sleeves and trim and things. Free to print from

Yesterday, I posted my big beautiful brown skinned fantasy maiden B&B paper doll with some rockin’ boots and I explained how that paper doll set was inspired by a project to look again at older sets on the blog and use them for inspiration for newer sets. Yesterday’s paper doll and today’s gown were both based on a Pixie paper doll set called Dionisia.

Athena, goddess of wisdom in Greek mythology, inspired the trim on the bottom of her dress. Owls were the symbol of Athena and I wanted to give a nod to the goddess in this gown. In the Renaissance era, which was a minor inspiration for this gown, ancient Greek myth and legend was super popular, so the owl motif is also a nod to that.

Plus, it was an excuse to draw some owls and who doesn’t want to do that?

My natural instincts told me to make the undergown cream as I did with Monday’s paper doll gown, but I fought those instincts and went with a deep gold instead. Since the gown is trimmed in a nod to Athena, I decided that this gown was worn by a woman of education and distinction.

Therefore, she got a pot of ink, a scroll and a book as her accessories. Seriously, that’s why. It has nothing to do with my love of drawing books. Honestly.

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Tomorrow, there will be a ninja!

Also, I hope all my USA readers take the time today to go vote. Super important.

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Ms Mannequin: Layered Fantasy Gown with an Underbust Corset

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Today’s Printable Paper Doll Inspirations:  Victorian Garters, Folk Art, and Layers, Layers, Layers


Sometimes when I draw a paper doll outfit, it is really an excuse to explore something artistically. In today’s fantasy paper doll gown, I wanted to practice drawing drapery and layers. One of the things I am always thinking about when it comes to paper doll designs is how different pieces will layer over each other. Clothing, after all, has bulk and drape.

I previewed today’s fantasy paper doll gown way back in June and I actually drew the design back in December of last year. So, this has been a long long time coming, clearly.

There’s a second similar fantasy gown for the Ms. Mannequin series over on my Patreon page that everyone, not just Patrons, can download in color or black and white, so check that out over on my Patreon page and consider joining. It’s a great way to support the blog.

The corset designs are based on folk art designs which I love. I’ve always liked folk art florals and traditional crewel embroidery designs. The garters are, as I said above, based on Victorian garters which often closed with a clasp.

Meanwhile, please let me know what you think of today’s paper doll gown in a comment.

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