Paper Doll Collaboration 2019: Pattern!

A paper doll coloring page featureing autumn themed dresses with fun patterns. Great as a fall activitiy for kids!

Black and White PDF | More of the Paper Doll Collaboration 2019

Thoughts on Today’s Paper Doll
Melissa of Miss. Missy’s Paper Dolls  and Julie of Paper Doll School have done such a better job of keeping up with this collaboration than I have. I confess I have several months drawn, but never finished.

My natural instinct is to feel guilty about this (I have an overdeveloped since of responsibility), but since in the last three months I have moved across the country, gotten a new job and moved in with my partner. I really don’t think I should feel the least bit guilty about any of it.

Inspiration for Today’s Paper Doll
The theme for September was pattern and I was super excited to explore that theme. I really love working with patterns, though I think some patterns are easier for me to draw than others. My fights with plaid are a thing that I wish I didn’t have quite so much. I also think some types of patterns render bettern in my style of pen and ink than others.

Anyway, since I knew the patterns were going to take center stage, I chose to do two very simple silhouettes for my paper doll outfits- a pair of a-line dresses. Neither of these pieces would be warm enough for Alaska in February without some serious tights. There was ice on my car last week! But they’re both fun and I can pretend warm weather is going to continue a little longer.

Specific Source Images: Well, I did look at some gourds, but… nothing I can point to today!

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Last Thoughts
Be sure to go check out Paper Doll School, Miss. Missy’s Paper Dolls both of whom I know have some really fun versions of this month’s theme.

Last, but not least, Happy New Year to anyone celebrating! May your New Year be very sweet.

Autumnal Blouses and Boots for the A Pose Ladies

A set of autumn dress up doll fashions with a blouses and boots. Free to print in color or black and white as a coloring page.

Printable Black & White PDF Printable Color PDF More Paper Dolls & Clothes
One of the things I love to do is draw paper doll clothing from fashion catalogs and magazines. Clear pictures are useful, but so it seeing clothing I might not have thought up myself.

This set of paper doll fashions were based on the latest Autumn trends. Sleeve details and ruffles are not super popular. So are blouses, so here we have some blouses with sleeve details. To go with this pair of blouses, there is a pair of skinny jeans tucked into boots. The paper doll also has a matching purse.

I chose a color scheme inspired by Pantone’s Fall 2018 color report.

I hope you all enjoy this contemporary fashion addition to the A Pose Ladies fashion wardrobes.

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The B&B Curvy Paper Dolls Get An Autumnal Sorceress Gown

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Today’s Printable Paper Doll Inspirations:Falling Leaves and Layered Gowns

A fantasy paper doll gown inspired by the renaissance with stockings and shoes.

After I finished the Elements dresses for the Sorceress Gowns Project I wasn’t sure what to draw next. The elements made a lot of sense to me, but then I was like… What other sorts of gown themes can I explore?

However, as autumn has come to Alabama and with it there are lots of leaves turning, I decided an series on the seasons would be a fun thing to work on next. So, today’s Sorceress Gowns Project paper doll outfit is based on the themes and colors of autumn.

I wanted to use colors that I see in the hills around town these days. The rich reds and yellows of turning leaves. I chose to do several different leaf designs.

The staff was inspired by a tree branch, though I’m not sure it entirely works.

And like all the Sorceress Gowns, she has some pretty cool boots.

I haven’t drawn winter, spring or summer yet, so this might end up the lone gown, but I plan on them. I just haven’t decided what I want them to look like quite yet. I’ve been working on thumbnail sketches for those dresses. I think I have a decent idea of what they might look like.

Of course, I tend to change my mind a lot, so it is also totally possible that I will before I do the final dresses.

Meanwhile, Friday there will be a super fun Sprites fantasy set.

As always, let me know what you think of today’s paper doll gown in a comment. I adore hearing from you all.

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A Celebration of Autumn Boots for the B&B Printable Paper Dolls

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Today’s Printable Paper Doll Inspirations:Renaissance Dresses & Princess Gowns
Paper doll clothing for the curvy B&B series with boots and a dress based on contemporary fashions. Free to print from

Paper doll clothing for the curvy B&B series with boots and a dress based on contemporary fashions. Free to print and color from

Sure, there’s a dress with today’s paper doll set, but really I wanted to draw boots. Because I love boots.

The dress, well, it’s there because I thought I needed something more than just boots. It’s a nice dress and very in style. Right now, the trend is for dramatic sleeves, so there’s a lot of bellsleeves and ruffle sleeves like this one being shown. Sleeves are very much the latest thing.

Personally, I like bellsleeves, so I don’t mind this trend at all.

Anyway, I wanted a simple dress, because I really wanted the focus to be on the boots. While I no longer create “sets” in the traditional sense, I do still really believe in playablity. It’s critical to me that each paper doll series function as a collection. So, while you can look at this as one dress and two pairs of boots, it is also a set that expands on the other contemporary fashion pieces that are available for my curvy B&B paper dolls.

If I were to coordinate it, I would use this set, this set and this set, and this set to start.

I have a few more trendy fashion sets for the B&B series in the words. (Also, more for the Sorceress Gowns collection, never fear fantasy fans.) I jump around a lot I know, but that’s just because I am interested in so many things.

I can’t imagine spending my time creating only one sort of paper doll. I think it would become very boring.

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A New Isadora Mini-Maiden Paper Doll to Color

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Today’s Printable Paper Doll Inspirations: Fall Fashions

A paper doll to color and print out from with a dress, contemporary hair cut and two pairs of shoes. Part of the Mini-Maiden series.
It does feel like autumn might finally be coming to Alabama. The weather is starting to cool down and today was just beautiful. I spent part of the weekend at the local botanical gardens. They are free and a wonderful place to go walking. I really enjoyed them and I want to go back again.

Today’s Mini-Maiden paper doll is Isadora who I haven’t featured since March when she was a faun. Isadora is named for Isadora Duncan, the dancer. I can’t remember if I mentioned that recently, but someone asked me how I name my paper dolls a while back and I was like, “Well… kinda randomly, truth be told.”

Anyway, I’ve been going through the fashion magazines of the season. I am ready for boots and I am ready for tights. Isadora doesn’t have tights, but she does have some fun boots. I love autumn and winter. They are by far my favorite seasons in Alabama.

Her other shoes are more formal. I thought her dress could go either way depending on the shoes. I also try to draw extra shoes when I draw dolls. An old habit from my full color dolls with skin tones.

Isadora, being in black and white, is a paper doll you can color anyway you wish. That’s part of the flexibility of black and white paper dolls.

I confess though, I was never a big “colorer” as a kid, so I still prefer the ones in color.

I hope everyone is having a great Monday and let me know what you think if today’s Isadora in a comment.

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Marisole Monday’s Early Fall Shirts & Jeans

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Today’s Printable Paper Doll Inspirations: Fall Fashions
A pair of light colored jeans and two shirts for paper dolls to print.

Paper doll clothing from

Growing up in Alaska, autumn came very quickly. As soon as there was fresh snow on the mountain, known as termination dust, it was time to pull out boots and give up on summer. In Alabama, autumn comes in more slowly. It’s a gradual shift from the humid tropical weather of summer to a damp crisp autumn. While I don’t think the weather will last into this week, last week really felt like fall. Mostly, because we got rain from Irma, just rain- nothing serious where I live, and it made everything cooler and grey.

Of course, for a paper doll drawer like myself, the change of seasons gets me thinking about clothing. So, today, I wanted to share some transitional pieces. I’m not sure tank tops are really autumnal, but since it was in the 80s yesterday, I think they could be.

The colors are more autumn than the paper doll clothing designs. In the fall, I think of wines, rich purples and dark teals. To counter balance, the rich colors, I did light washed jeans. Apparently, bleached denim is back, so I thought I would share some.

I hope everyone is having a great autumn. I’m settling into my routine with grad school and work. The students have returned to campus (yay!) and I am enjoying working with them. I don’t know what it is about college students, but I adore interacting with them.

Meanwhile, what’s your favorite thing about autumn? Food? Weather? Getting to finally wear boots again?

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Ms. Mannequin Printable Paper Dolls Get Fall Fashions 2016

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Today’s Printable Paper Doll Inspirations:  Fall Fashions 2016
Wide legged trousers, cold shoulder top and a brocade skirt are the latest Fall 2016 fashions. Here they are for the paper dolls in black and white or in full color. Print and play with them from

Wide legged trousers, cold shoulder top and a brocade skirt are the latest Fall 2016 fashions. Here they are for the paper dolls in black and white or in full color. Print and play with them from

Today’s post is a chance to go back to where the the Ms. Mannequin printable paper doll series began and once again embrace the original idea. Wide legged trousers, cold shoulder tops and a brocade skirt are all taken straight from my fashion magazine collection.

When I first started the Ms. Mannequin paper dolls, the idea as that they were models. Their pose and body build were both intended to evoke the idea of a contemporary fashion model. In fact, when I first posted them, I didn’t really intend for them to become a series. I figured I would post a few pages for them and move on.

But, as it turned out, the response to Ms. Mannequin paper dolls was very positive.

Plus, I found I enjoyed drawing contemporary fashion for them. Over time, that contemporary fashion has expanded into fantasy, history, cyberpunk and steampunk paper doll clothing.

I must confess I am curious through, what do you like more? Contemporary clothing or other stuff for the Ms. Mannequins? Let me know in a comment.

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